The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS, gather round the Shade Table with Katie, Kyle and Sharron to talk the #DragRace premiere! We discuss kangaroos, human basilisks, lace fronts, bb cream, Antz, and cheeseheads, plus touch on the latest RuCap and Todrick's new visual album. P.S.: Nobody‚Äôs trying to take your man with a lime-a-rita.


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READERS! If you don't want spoilers, SKIP THIS EPISODE. Otherwise, gather 'round while Kyle, Katie and guest Oscar Avila, who came all the way from Texas to attend the official #DragRace premiere party, dish about the first 20 minutes of the premiere, who's rumored to go home first (and second), everyone's live act, and #OhMyGaga.

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather at the Shade Table chez Sharron to discuss the best place to see #GetOut, what's upstairs at Sharron's house, the new #DragRace 30-second preview, the show's move to VH1 and Fridays, our Patreon, and everyone getting the f*ck out of our collective face.


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