The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS! Sharron, Kyle and Katie reunite at the Shade Table to dish about VH1's new terrible show Scared Famous AND the forthcoming season of RPDR All-Stars 3! We're gooped, coughed and floamed about the AS3 queens and some of the ***SPOILERS*** we have in store, and we kick off our spinoff podcast, Two Whole-Ass Black People And A Katie. (music: 

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READERS, Kyle, Katie and Sharron gather around a Business Shade Table to talk about their recent field trip to see Alaska and Jeremy in On Golden Girls, Katie's visit to a psychic, "centipedes in my vagina" meme, and Kyle's near-death experience in Episode 99. At the end we ask: do you have favorite TSOIA moments? Slide into our various DMs and tell us what they are! (music:

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Sharron, Kyle and Katie (accompanied by podcast observer and Shriners expert David) gather on a Shade Sofa (!) to talk about the much-underrated Whatcha Packin? with Michelle Visage, looking cute in various outfits and glasses and hairstyles and shoes. And the Season 9 queens are also there! Sidebar: get at us with your favorite podcast moments for our forthcoming Best Of episode! XOXO, Gossip Hurl

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READERS, Kyle, Katie and Sharron talk Anna Nicole, nucular millenimals, Holiday Barbie, #ninashouldhavebeenblacchyna, Kenan, and fidget spinners as Sharron has a Christian Bale breakdown and Kyle tells us about attending the NYC finale party. (music:

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READERS, we were down a Kyle this week, but we did pick up a Max Wittert! We talk hamachi realness, Funky Monkey, Cameron Ughhhhhh, The Haus of Dad, libel vs. slander, salvia, Holly Robinson Peete, and tropical Skittles. (music:

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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron are gathered at the Shade Table talking sensible bedfellows, Fashion House, their new Scooby van, body chocolate, Mayday, and Mrs. Garrett. We love us some squatty potty!



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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather 'round the Shade Table in two different locations this week to talk about dogs with four legs. grayscale rainbows, Planet Unicorn. accidental timecops. peppernips and Season 9, Episode 11: Gayest Ball Ever!


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READERS, Sharron and Kyle need an adult at the Shade Table this week as we talk #DragRace Ep. 10: Crew Betta Work! (music:

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READERS, Kyle, Katie and Sharron welcome comedian Garry Hannon to the Shade Table to talk Totes McGotes, familiar demons, club kid stories, Wigstock, and Valentina as we come through for #DragRace Season 9, Episode 9. (Music:

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle discuss The Realness, read their last iTunes review, discuss the Library challenge and crystal deodorant, praise Ross Mathews's FACE FACE FACE, tapeworms, and recount spotting Carson Kressley in the wild, as they talk #DragRace S9E8: #RuPaulRoast!


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Katie, Kyle and Sharron welcome guest Calvin Cato to the Shade Table this week to talk Madonna's looks, Peppermint's neck syllables, Monna Dartin Draguates, shady rattlesnake noises and and Episode 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race: 9021-ho!


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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather at the Shade Table to behold Season 9's #SnatchGame! We talk urban nature, Zooey Deschanel, Gigi Gorgeous v. Gigi Hadid, Madonna's iconic looks, NeNe NoNos, and Cucus getting the f out of our faces. (

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READERS, this week Katie and Kyle are joined at the Shade Table by comedian (and future Kathy Bates drag artiste) Marc Maietta! We drag the drag Kardashians, process the unexpected loss of a queen, send Meghan Trainor away, and come up with thirty additional names for Nina Bo'Nina Brown as we get into #DragRace Season 9, Episode 5.


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READERS, Katie, Kyle, and Sharron welcome Chicago's own Mo Ibrahim to the Shade Table this week (even after he asked why we call you our Readers, because as you know we are very merciful) to talk great American cities, bananas with tomato sauce, and destroying bathrooms before the 23-minute mark, we get to discussing Episode 4 of #DragRace: Good Morning Bitches! We've got a lot to say about Eureka, Heidi & Spencer, what happens when you get cardinal signs in a room, and this week's fly-over runway.


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READERS, Kyle and Katie welcome guest Sue Funke to the Shade Table this week (well, for a little while) to dish about #DragRace Season 9, Episode 3: Draggily Ever After. We compare notes and talk sidekicks, Medieval Times, and the hip pads struggle.


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READERS, Kyle, Sharron and Katie are joined at the Shade Table by the silently embattled Missy Baker this week to talk the perfect murder, Atlanta drag scene drama, Wendy, Sharron's secret romance with David Schwimmer, and we cheerlead the queens during episode 2 of #DragRace! Plus we introduce our shiny new Patreon!


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READERS, gather round the Shade Table with Katie, Kyle and Sharron to talk the #DragRace premiere! We discuss kangaroos, human basilisks, lace fronts, bb cream, Antz, and cheeseheads, plus touch on the latest RuCap and Todrick's new visual album. P.S.: Nobody‚Äôs trying to take your man with a lime-a-rita.


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READERS! If you don't want spoilers, SKIP THIS EPISODE. Otherwise, gather 'round while Kyle, Katie and guest Oscar Avila, who came all the way from Texas to attend the official #DragRace premiere party, dish about the first 20 minutes of the premiere, who's rumored to go home first (and second), everyone's live act, and #OhMyGaga.

(music: www.bensound.com_

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather at the Shade Table chez Sharron to discuss the best place to see #GetOut, what's upstairs at Sharron's house, the new #DragRace 30-second preview, the show's move to VH1 and Fridays, our Patreon, and everyone getting the f*ck out of our collective face.


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Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather at the Shade Table (with mics!) to discuss our theme song, Sharron's health (spoiler: SHARRON IS WOLVERINE), and our newly introduced Season 9 queens! (music:

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Katie & Kyle gather at the Shade Table (Sharron was sick) to talk about a variety of topics, including Leah Remini, Puffs: The Play, Mariah's World, ANTM, and the Mystery of the Disappearing David Barton gym.


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