The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS, this week Katie and Kyle are joined at the Shade Table by comedian (and future Kathy Bates drag artiste) Marc Maietta! We drag the drag Kardashians, process the unexpected loss of a queen, send Meghan Trainor away, and come up with thirty additional names for Nina Bo'Nina Brown as we get into #DragRace Season 9, Episode 5.


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READERS, Katie, Kyle, and Sharron welcome Chicago's own Mo Ibrahim to the Shade Table this week (even after he asked why we call you our Readers, because as you know we are very merciful) to talk great American cities, bananas with tomato sauce, and destroying bathrooms before the 23-minute mark, we get to discussing Episode 4 of #DragRace: Good Morning Bitches! We've got a lot to say about Eureka, Heidi & Spencer, what happens when you get cardinal signs in a room, and this week's fly-over runway.


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READERS, Kyle and Katie welcome guest Sue Funke to the Shade Table this week (well, for a little while) to dish about #DragRace Season 9, Episode 3: Draggily Ever After. We compare notes and talk sidekicks, Medieval Times, and the hip pads struggle.


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READERS, Kyle, Sharron and Katie are joined at the Shade Table by the silently embattled Missy Baker this week to talk the perfect murder, Atlanta drag scene drama, Wendy, Sharron's secret romance with David Schwimmer, and we cheerlead the queens during episode 2 of #DragRace! Plus we introduce our shiny new Patreon!


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