The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

Readers we have some dumdum and some fun dumb on this week’s episode as we run into He-Male Trouble with our guest the divine Marc Maietta.  Max, Katie, Alex and Sharron discuss alligator foam parties, Drone Rivers and get illuminaughty and illuminautical over Double Ru Double Ru.  Yaaaaaaaacht Queen!!!   (music:

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While Dad is trapped on a plane in Albany, NY and Max is performing comedy in outer space, Katie and Sharron double-team Episode 8 with the help of TSOIA president pro tempore Guy Branum.  We wrap our conjoined brains around the Cashews vs. Sashews vs. Ol’ Backstory trifecta, call to order the Drag Race Black Caucus, explain “420 Boobs” and drill baby drill for drag.   (music:

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We must have stepped in a big pile of fate because our big 41st episode coincides with THE SNATCH GAME!  And to sweeten the pot our guest this week is a real live drag queen: Daren J. Fleming AKA Ms. Grenadine Ross!  Things get 80% shady and 20% disgusting as Daren spills two tons of tea about the dearly departed Sahara Davenport and asks the age-old question,”Bitch, did you not download the packet?”  (music:

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This week Readers we dramatize and “morphasize” @rupaulsdragrace Season 7 Episode 6 (and our 40th episode!!!!).  Joining us is comedian Max Bernstein, plus we get podcrashed by our good friend Guy Branum as a bonus!  Both join us to discuss catnet fishsuits, radioactive chickens, “Barnum Bangers,” and our new series: Death Murder She Becomes Wrote Her.  Shant-Ho, you go!  (music:

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