The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS, we're narrowly dodging glass bottles and howling birds as we talk about knowing what semmin is, EPS!, hearing people through filters and this week's Untucked. COME HOME A LOSER IF YOU WANT TO!

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READERS, while Katie is gathering ice to bring back from Iceland, Sharron and Kyle are a dynamic duo talking about cake sitting (we're not shaming you, but we're not not shaming you), forgetting how to talk as one talks about talking, nipples everywhere and Jane Jetson at Columbus Circle playing the saxomatrumpet. (Kyle apologizes about the First Timer At The Editing Helm sound quality!)

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READERS, we're talking drizzles, gold stars and pickup lines as we dissect this week's Untucked! (music:

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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather to talk bashments, the food stations at our three-way wedding, full-fledged sexy baby tantrums, diminadiminadimina, creepy little debbie boys and posthumous/ belated birthday wishes. Tweet a "Happy birthday" to @sharronica!! (music:

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READERS, can you handle this? Sharron glosses up to dash out for a date as Katie and Kyle break down this week's Untucked complete with craftiness, forming opinions, 2 Can Play That Game, secret television, drag trivia, and Whatcha Packin? (music:

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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather to kiki about playafoot, #Beychella, Becky with the Nutrish, scatological humor, Rainbow Shabertha, and Miss Spangie as we review celeb photobombs and three runways featuring THREE LERKS! (music:

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READERS, it's tens across the porch as Katie and Sharron roll into Untucked with Dad and Alex to talk anthropomorphized lamps, debate malt flavor, call 911 for Blair, and discuss the hoes to whom we refer in Untucked: Season 10, Episode 3! (music:

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READERS, while Kyle is in Boston, Katie and Sharron welcome two special guests back to the Shade Table: Dad and Max! It's the Ru-union you won't want to miss as we talk Daniel Day-Bottoms the lamp, Muppet Boobies, and Coco Chanel along with Season 10, Episode 3: "Tap That App." (music:

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READERS, we recognize each other’s spirits and bang out a quick Untuck talking hard numbers, fruit, our authentic selves, and Kalorie’s Krying. (music:

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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Anti-Kyle gather at the Shade Table to tongue-pop and talk Miss Vanjie, anal options, Monique's Drag Face, Cooking with Fernet Branca, sixth grade,  (


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