The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

With Sharron sickened (literally) for the evening, Mike Soto joins Katie and Kyle at the Shade Table to talk dental work, bodega cats, blaming the edit, and Drag Race standom. (music:

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle welcome Sue Funke back to shoot the shade about the Drag Race finale, Alaska’s “The T” music video, Willam's new beard, resting on pretty, and the Bitch Whisperer. (music:

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle welcome guest Calvin Cato to the Shade Table for the finale of All-Stars 2! We talk Cardi B, FAIR WARNING: We don't get into the episode for the first 30 minutes. Sorryboutit! (music:

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle pull up to a Shade Table on Long Island to talk All-Stars 2, Episode 8. Kyle is deep in his feels as we debate the bottom three, process the elimination, vogue the house down, and hurl snake emojis across the table, along with reader shoutouts! (music:

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READERS, Sharron, Katie and Kyle are gathered at the Shade Table to discuss what happened while you/we were gone, processing Phi Phi's departure, Alyssa & Tati's return, Violet Chackhi & Rick James, butt-butt golf, Marcus-Lymoñé, Kyle's Go-Go juice, and skeet shooting. (music:

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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather back at the Shade Table to talk All-Stars 2, Episode 5: Revenge of the Queens! in-depth Oreo analysis, Phi Phi's many Phaces, playing the victim, tandem stand-up, the Drag Race eliminati, and this week's Roscoe's tea and Reader shoutouts. (music:

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Katie, Alex and Janine are back together for THE RE-RU-NION YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR (we assume).  Here it is, our very own Shequal: the West Coast goes pants to pants for part two of this week’s dueling episodes.  The founding Mothaaaas of The Shade of It All wax nostalgic about this week’s AS2 episode, investigate basement flooding insurance, pop multiple garbage bubbles and defend their tickle-things.  How much scandalous overlap will there be between the episodes? Listen with your eyes readers, and find out! (music:

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READERS, dueling episodes this week as Sharron and Kyle wear the shahhhhhh and recap the twist-filled, script-flipping All-Stars 2, Episode 4: Drag Movie She-quels! (Katie is in LA-- stay tuned for a BONUS episode with the OG TSOIA cast of Dad, Katie, and Janine!) The NYC Shade Table talks Sharron's EGOT, LOGO's unedited clapback, Phi Phi, Beyonce Del Rio, and the latest tea from live viewings with the queens. (music:

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READERS, this week Jelizabeth, Jamanda and Jerrica welcome Sue Funke (aka Jabigail) back to the Shade Table for All-Stars 2, Episode 3! We talk citrus-flavored fish poop, suspicious padding, bald caps, all the tea from Phi Phi & Tati's recent Roscoe's viewing, and Reader shoutouts.


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Kyle, Sharron and Katie gather at the Shade Table to talk emojis, scary clowns, sensitive "millennimals," and latex sweats as we get into All-Stars 2, Episode 2: The Snatch Game!


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CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FACE!  We made it readers!  All Stars 2 is real, and it’s spectacular!  This episode we are back on the West Coast with Dad, Kelly and guests Masi Thomason and Todd Masterson. Don’t let our even tones deceive you, this was an exciting night for RPDR and hopes are high for a great season full of twists, puppets and MORE KATYA!  (music:

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Due to an excited lack of communication, the East Coast Shade Table and the West Coast Shade Table recorded All Star ramp-up episodes SIMULTANEOUSLY WITHOUT THE OTHER KNOWING IT!  But you win in the long run Readers as we present the West Coast episode only days after the East Coast one dropped.  Now you can get twice as excited about All Stars Twice.  Will there be overlap?  Will there be wildly contrasting viewpoints?  Will Alex, Caitlin, Kelly and special guest TODD MASTERSON wear caftans in spin class and reveal the ALASKA 5000 SCANDAL 2016?  Listen to find out!


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READERS, Sharron, Katie and Kyle gather at the Shade Table for a summer 'cast before Sharron and Katie go away JUST LIKE KYLE'S FATHER! CAUTION: Potential spoilers abound as we (well, Kyle) Nancy Drew our way through the All-Stars 2 trailer and discuss dick pics vs. ass shots, the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and Aubrey O'Day. (music:

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READERS, Katie and Sharron are joined for the All-Stars preview at the Shade Table by new regular host Kyle-Steven Porter! We discuss and disagree on funfetti, Phi Phi O'Hara, the All-Stars armada of Season 5 queens, that time Ru was on Project Runway when she and Mathu were in a tiff, the poetry of Jewel, Britney, SYTYCD and Louis Comfort Tiffany Paul. (music:

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READERS! We’re joined this week by Max Bernstein to chat about the #DragRace finale, Drake, threatening dicks, Josie and the Pussycats, Lucian, upskirt shots, the new AbFab movie, propergangers, a capella singers, and more. Fair warning: We don’t get to discussing the finale until almost 18 minutes in #sorryboutit


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Readers, this week Katie and Sharron are joined by Kyle-Steven Porter, talking Untucked and Bianca’s new special, Rolodex of Hate! We touch on Azealia Banks's Trump endorsement, organic White Castle, Kyle's synesthesia, Chi-chi’s congenitals, Avril vs. Rihanna, Iggy Azalea & Rachel Dolezal, and Newfoundland.


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READERS, this week we're talking small penises, Oreos, Sharron’s family of time-travelers, the quest for the right foundation, pork cracklings, flippers vs. veneers, Chastity K. Bonet, Simon Doonan, and this week's reader mailbag.


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READERS, this week we're talking small penises, Oreos, Sharron’s family of time-travelers, the quest for the right foundation, pork cracklings, flippers vs. veneers, Chastity K. Bonet, Simon Doonan, and this week's reader mailbag.


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Readers, this is the story of a girl…named Derrick.  We ALL Bennet This week with a California Queen sized episode from the West Coast.  Dad is once again joined by Janine Brito, Caitlin Gill and Kelly Young to ru-view possibly the BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON???  We gush over Seabiscuit or Sebisquie, reverse Gremlins, “hersky" queens and pumpkins full of Coke Zero.  Swaddle that walk!  (music:

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun this week with our guest, the hilarious and talented Livia Scott! We talk intersectional oreo advocacy, Bob Mackie, JonBenet, Señor Frog’s, Red Lobster, the Hitachi Magic Wand, availability heuristics, exploding iphones, Thomas Roberts, hand-me-gowns, and even Episode 7 of the show.



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READERS, Katie and Sharron are joined at the Shade Table this week by comic Calvin Cato to talk about Kim-chi-Chichi, collard greens and turkey butts, Wendy vs. The Real, dry humping at first base, Snapped, the Sephora of books, Chichi in Cars getting Chipotle, and Clearly Homeless Furs & Baskets. (This may be the weirdest episode description we've ever posted, but it will all make sense upon listening!)


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This week, Katie is joined at the Shade Table by TSOIA regular Sue Funke and dedicated Reader and Madonna expert Dennis Sarlo. (Angrily tweet @Sharronica for missing out!) We talk halos, the need for a shoe-cam, butthurt Britney impersonators, Mirrors, Whoopi kimonos, Madonna, and the black pants of yesteryear.


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DAMMIT READERS!  Mad technical drama this week as Katie and Sharron recorded an episode only to have it disappear.  So the West Coast team of Dad, Janine, Caitlin and Kelly swooped in with an emergency episode…only to have one mic cut out.  WHY ARE WE CURSED AND WHO PLANTED THORGY’S JEWELRY ON US!?!?!  Apologies for sub-par audio quality and hard to hear voices, Readers.  Please forgive us, and listen as we discuss public RPDR viewings, Weekend at Blondies, high quality cheese, What Slays in Vegas and the Rulluminati.


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READERS, Katie and Sharron are joined at the Shade Table this week by guest Sue Funke (formerly of Logo, currently of TVLand) to help us process this week's episode, RuCo Empire. We talk lack of Shangela/return of Naysha, mouth pops, Derrick's face through the centuries, Ru on wheels, Captain Planet, Fido Dido, and Sharron's evident psychic connection with Season 8. 


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READERS, Katie and Sharron pull up to the Shade Table (a little late this week) to discuss RPDR Season 8, Episode 2 and its Bitch Perfect challenge, PLUS both episodes of Untucked. We talk about who’s winning us over, who’s losing our love, human giraffes made of stilts, Toy Story, the Little Mermaid, Michelle's scary eyebrow, double eliminations, and our new drag show, Two-Wig Minimum.


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READERS, Sharron, Max and Katie are back at the Shade Table to discuss the Season 8 premiere of our beloved show! We talk crabs and money, finding the right underwear, microdicks with superpowers, and safety drops as we meet this season's bumper crop of queens.


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MORNING READERS! Our sleepy podcast has been kissed by a prince/princess (RuPaul) and awakened from it’s long between-season slumber!  While you’re getting ready for the premier tonight, listen to this special supplemental tailgate episode.  Dad and special guests Caitlin Gill, Kelly Young and Masi Thomason review all the Meet The Queen videos and the 11 minute snack of a Season 8 sneak peak Logo gave us.  Why do that?  TO GET PUMPED FOR WHAT LOOKS LIKE AN ACTUALLY GOOD SEASON!  GO BAYSIDE!


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