The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS! Sharron and Kyle are Blacking Out™ and discussing resting bitch voice, scream-laugh-cries, diabetic comas, acquiescing to scene partners, the season of So Many Pants, and the Dreamgirls: Lurleen Lumpkin, Lyle Lanley and Laverle. Oh, and also Episode 9 of Season 11 - L.A.P.D.! (NOT brought to you by Zenni Optical.) "I call her Paula and I keep her hidden." Give that b*tch a Peabody! (music:

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Readers! The power of 3 will set us free as Kyle, author of Why Are You Yelling?, and Sharron, author of From Ho To Housewife: It IS Possible (who may or may not be astral projecting) are joined by good judy of the Salt Table - hey Tauruses! - Megami (who may or may not be a ghost). We’re discussing the queens several salty sides, B*g D*ck B*tch dot com (thanks Bing!), how hard it is having to be a real person and the other shenanigans of Season 11, Episode 8 - Snatch Game At Sea! You know damn well we've got some thoughts on THAT LIPSYNC too! (music:

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The cheese stands alone, readers! Due to a combination of our Shady Ladies being booked and blessed (including out of state!) and Kyle’s birthday shenanigans (Happy Belated Kyle!), our regularly scheduled podcasting program hit a delay this week. To not leave you with TSOIA FOMO, we’ve got a one-time-only one-man show from our resident Aries himself, as he recaps the happenings of From Farm To Runway, Episode 7 of Season 11 (Hey, 7/11! Seriously though, where does denim come from?) (music:

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READERS! Joining Kyle and Katie in Sharron’s absence is comedy-horror writer (and returning guest librarian) David Nora! We’re going back to our Kameron Michaels shit as we talk Swan Lake with Death Drops, if daftboy is Banksy, being the most Vanjie, Metro Pollis and the Draglympics for our recap of Season 11, Episode 6! Onusthing is possible! (music:

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READERS, while Kyle's away, Katie and Sharron have Mike Soto at the Shade Table talking curmudgeon eleganza, blurred hairlines, the gay Situation, Cara Delevawgne and Rex and the City. Sharron gives a TED talk and we unicorn the house down hooves as we chat about Season 11, Episode 5: Monster's Ball! (music:

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