The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

DAMMIT READERS!  Mad technical drama this week as Katie and Sharron recorded an episode only to have it disappear.  So the West Coast team of Dad, Janine, Caitlin and Kelly swooped in with an emergency episode…only to have one mic cut out.  WHY ARE WE CURSED AND WHO PLANTED THORGY’S JEWELRY ON US!?!?!  Apologies for sub-par audio quality and hard to hear voices, Readers.  Please forgive us, and listen as we discuss public RPDR viewings, Weekend at Blondies, high quality cheese, What Slays in Vegas and the Rulluminati.


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READERS, Katie and Sharron are joined at the Shade Table this week by guest Sue Funke (formerly of Logo, currently of TVLand) to help us process this week's episode, RuCo Empire. We talk lack of Shangela/return of Naysha, mouth pops, Derrick's face through the centuries, Ru on wheels, Captain Planet, Fido Dido, and Sharron's evident psychic connection with Season 8. 


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READERS, Katie and Sharron pull up to the Shade Table (a little late this week) to discuss RPDR Season 8, Episode 2 and its Bitch Perfect challenge, PLUS both episodes of Untucked. We talk about who’s winning us over, who’s losing our love, human giraffes made of stilts, Toy Story, the Little Mermaid, Michelle's scary eyebrow, double eliminations, and our new drag show, Two-Wig Minimum.


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READERS, Sharron, Max and Katie are back at the Shade Table to discuss the Season 8 premiere of our beloved show! We talk crabs and money, finding the right underwear, microdicks with superpowers, and safety drops as we meet this season's bumper crop of queens.


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MORNING READERS! Our sleepy podcast has been kissed by a prince/princess (RuPaul) and awakened from it’s long between-season slumber!  While you’re getting ready for the premier tonight, listen to this special supplemental tailgate episode.  Dad and special guests Caitlin Gill, Kelly Young and Masi Thomason review all the Meet The Queen videos and the 11 minute snack of a Season 8 sneak peak Logo gave us.  Why do that?  TO GET PUMPED FOR WHAT LOOKS LIKE AN ACTUALLY GOOD SEASON!  GO BAYSIDE!


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