The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

It’s Ru-view time Readers we welcome very special guest Eliot Glazer (Broad City, Younger) to Countdown the Crown because SHE A GROWN ASS MAN!  Max, Katie and Sharron sit through clips of all our favorite queens from previous seasons, providing an unfortunate contrast to the talent level of this season.  Take a look back with us at Beyonce-level yeast infections, the great Boners Of Fame and Anna Wintour's “stupid fashion hands.”  And Readers, always remember: GINGER IS 29 YEARS OLD.  (music:

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With Katie and Sharron gone, It’s just between us Goys this week as Guy Branum joins Dad and Max at the shade table in this year of our Gawd 2015 A.K. (After Katya).  The boyz stay up past their bedtime to discuss the “Celebrity Duck Blind,” flowy units and the Spinning Bird Death Drop.  DISCLAIMER: We are not monsters.  We truly respect the sensitive emotional reveals in this RPDR episode.  We must shade, but we shade because we love.  (music:

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OUR BEAUTIFUL MOTHER RUSSIA @katya_zamo IS DEAD!  NYET!  NYET!  NYET!  NYET!  NYET!  Readers, how can we even go on?!?!  We might as well end it all!  Poor Max is gone for the worst disaster in Cold War history, but Katie, Sharron and Dad (with his purty purty nails) try to keep their heads up long enough to discuss Tibetan Vibration Deodorant, sperm stealers, Dance Mom mercy drownings, and retired basketball player turned sportscaster Santino Rice.  MR. RUPAUL, TEAR DOWN THIS VAGINAL WALL!   (music:

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BELIEVE in the gender binary this week Readers as we split “hers” over @RuPaulsDragRace Season 7 Episode 10. Joining us at the shade table is comedian Garry Hannon to help us Dance With The Talent, smoke with the cool kids and marvel at the Radio City Hall Luncheonettes. (music:

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