The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS, Katie, Sharron, Kyle and the smoky quartz he brought for all the haters break down chicken nuggets, Sharron’s k-pop group, Grameron Michaels, feather mattresses and lepidopteraphobia. You are shooting your wad early, young lady! (

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HAPPY PRIDE READERS! Sharron and Kyle are Reunited as a throuple getting into throuble with returning friend of the podcast Mike Soto, and we're talking gesturing in directions, (not) looking your age or lying about it, Huge Tiny Fallacies, Bible fingering and being the Megazord of gay, as well as (eventually), the Reunion of Season 10 of Drag Race. Just a warning - we don't start talking about the episode until 29 minutes in. :|

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READERS, for our last and very messy Untucked of the season, Kyle, Katie discuss cloacas, whether things happen for a reason, calling Asia. (music:

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READERS, Kyle and Kate oyster-shame Sharron to kick off this week's 'cast talking Biblical trade, Sharron’s list of -ists, grief bacon, unnamed titties, Kyle’s gay gaze and Camp Dramatica! (music:


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QUEENS WALKING, Readers! Kyle and Katie untuck at the Shade Table with the six pressure points of the inner critic, avid fans, possessions, and White Elephant Yankee Swaps. (music:

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READERS, Katie and Kyle have no idea how many weeks it’s been as they gather at the Shade Table to talk butterfly effects, Carl Hiaasen, inner saboteurs, the shield of Jante, peeing clear, and evil twins. (music:

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