The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

AWARDS?!? Readers, @RuPaulsDragRace is clearly just stealing our ideas now!  This week we are joined again by the socially media-y Shawn Hollenbach to present slabs of golden shade to Season 7 Episode 5.  The nominees this week are: Meat Pennies, Joan Born Of Rivers, Mathilda’s Dad, and Rosschelle Rossage. 


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OH THE HUMANITY, READERS!  Well, maybe not so much the “humanity” as the “Snake Person Vs. Doll Monster-y.”  Alex is out of town this week but while Dad’s away, the mice will sashay.  Max, Katie, Sharron and special guest Sue Funke hold hands and sob over the shock of the Episode 4 elimination, go dark and deep into Jessica Alba, ru-veal the secret-secret mini-min challenge, and out (our) Max backwards.  (music:

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Things get hairy (yeah I said it) this week as we welcome back special guest Mr. Guy Branum to clock Season 7 Episode 3 in Shadeambic Pentameter.  It’s beard vs. Bard as we soliloquy on mystery loafs, pelican attacks and the Shady Pines Nursing Home For Queens.  TO READ OR NOT TO READ!


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Wow Readers! Season 7 is already poppin off like a false eyelash on the business end of a leaf blower.  This week Sharron, Katie, Max and Alex welcome special guest Bowen Yang to discuss who gave the best mouth, why a butt-stuff renaissance is upon us, newfound respect for the Minj and guest judge Larson Lessley.


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GOOD GODAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!  Season 7 is officially on!  For this overstuffed first RPDR episode we said “game recognize game” with our own queen-sized episode and…A NEW CO-HOST!  Give a deep “SUP” to Sharron Paul readers.  She’ll be joining us at the shade-table to clock around the tuck all season.  Channel your inner Swamp Demon, black-out that ding-dong and C’MON RUSSIAN BUTTHOLE!  Season 7 HAS ARRIVED!


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