The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

EPISODE 5: THE LOST EPISODE PART 2 - Head back to the Ru-ture as we discuss Season 6 Episode 8, Icelandic Whisper Elves and worship the great googly.

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EPISODE 4: THE LOST EPISODE PART 1 - Head back to the Ru-ture as we discuss Season 6 Episode 7, go to Camp Camp and love us some Hatchetface.

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In this week’s QUEENSIZED episode: Christian Cintron joins Alex, Janine and Katie to discuss Season 6 Episode 10, Gelfling weddings, implied pantsuits and The Gape. Plus, we introduce our new segment: “Guynalysis” with West Coast corespondent Guy Branum! - (music:

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Alex, Katie and Janine FREAK THE FOX OUT over the chaos of Episode 9 and try to sort through the resulting rubble of Cher's aircraft carriers, questionable halloween costumes and #meatytucks.

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Katie, Alex and Janine throw some dumb love at Gia Gunn and debate the existence of high-fashion goat cherubs

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