The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

Ayo sis! Ayo ma! READERS. It’s a family affair at The Shade Table this week as Kyle is joined by his twin sister Kayla and mother Karen to kiki about this week’s episode! Kayla talks about her admiration for look queens, Karen apparently really doesn’t like Widow, Kyle divulges some tips about making the most of small parts in a show, and we recap the ups, downs and “Who should go home tonight and why?”s of Episode 5 of Season 12: Gay’s Anatomy! (music:

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Hope you’re ready for some unprecedented firsts on The Shade Of It All, readers! This is our first life-altering pandemic during the pod, so Kyle is trying out a Hail Mary pass (that’s sports enough, right?) with recording first time guests (and the first ever call-in librarians!) Kevin Tallon (of the Gotham Knights rugby team) and two-time Olympic swimmer Amini Fonua! These athletic gentlemen flex their shade muscles as we talk serving it to one camera, living Jersey accents, Amino’s Barb status, Kevin’s food dating reality show past, hater merch, problematic faves, swimming vs. Broadway, 3 different brand new kinks to praise/shame, what it takes to see a goofy French person, and of course the THIRTY SIX (!) runway looks in this week’s Ball Ball! Who hit a home run? Who stayed in the gutter? How many bus driver wigs did you think this cast owns? Up your D! FENCE! and listen to find out! Gooooooooooal! (music:

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#ThankGoodnes - Kyle-Steven’s rejoined by one of his favorite Judys, Holly Louise, and welcoming to the kink-shaming Shade Table for the first time, Keith Avery! Life’s not fair that Kyle’s surrounded by these beauteous recipients of God’s Photoshop, but we manage to sneak in references to fish hiding kids in their mouths, personal pandemic problems, murder elevators, being blessed and highly flavored, Fruit Roll Up suits, AT&Teeth, bad improv with some unfortunate character names, Rubles, buttons, bows, bus driver wigs, ASMR & vodka - all while discussing Episode 3 of Season 12, The World's Worst! Full disclosure: our recap starts at the 24 minute mark, but just make yourself a quarantini and enjoy the ride! (music:

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READERS! Kyle’s joined by the current f*cking reigning Miss Nerd New York, Megami! We spend a little bit of time discussing the giant disqualified elephant in the room but then get into a discussion of sad girl music, painting with the S12 girls, Destiny’s LaTavias, the Cardi B Collection for Fashion Nova, Janne Hathaway and premiere 2 of 2 for Drag Race Season 12: You Don’t Know Me. (Their Venmos do work, by the way: @megaminyc and @kyle-steven-porter - help some poor uneducated womyn out!) (music:

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READERS. Sharron’s wearing her TEAMWENDY shirt, Katie’s getting her cake sitting pants on while getting increasingly blonde (she’s 40!), and Kyle is…hard to hear (he has an excuse though - he’s sick!) as we get the gang together to drop some *big* Shade Table Season 12 News. We also talk emoji mashups, pangolins, capybaras, skinty legendts, tiny tiny couches, getting refunds AND credits, All Stars 12, leprosy and premiere 1 of 2 for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12. IF YOU STAY FREDDY YOU AIN’T GOT TO GET FREDDY! (music:

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