The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

Katie, Janine and Alex are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  So this week is a special BONUS EPISODE!  The first time we had Max Wittert on was for the RPDR Season 6 Countdown To The Crown.  We threw enough shade to fill a second episode, but some of it just wasn’t on topic enough for that week’s show.  So collected here are more random tangents than usual (if that’s possible) as we talk Moondust Menses, Stinking Roses and LOTS of Gia Gunn.  Enjoy!   - (music:

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Cheerio Readers!  This episode Max Wittert returns to the Shade Table for a romp in the shire as we tear apart the British television series Drag Queens of London.  We discuss Episode One, Icelandic drag names, one-ply toilet paper and the horror of the Northern Lights.   - (music:

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Oh dear readers…brace yourselves because this week’s Summer Tuckin entry is the infamous RuPaul movie: STARRBOOTY!  Sharron Paul joins us to talk Spice World, Ghostwriter, Denim, Diamonds and Dong. Basically ANYTHING BUT THE MOVIE!  Let’s just say you should be thankful we watched it for you.  - (music:

WARNING: this episode is very pun, penis and giggling heavy.

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This week continues our “Summer Tuckin’” series with one of the most important movies in the drag canon: the 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning.  Guest Christian Cintron returns to explore the heavy personal and political themes of the film with us, while still finding time to discuss the “Occupy Backrolls" movement, Dude Zumba and drop some mind-blowing post-filming secrets! - (music:

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This week we begin our “Summer Tuckin’: Reading is Supplemental” audio series.  Between RPDR seasons we’re clocking movies, shorts and shows in the “drag canon.”  First up is the 1994 import Pricilla, Queen of the Desert and joining us for our walkabout talkabout is Singer/Actor/Writer/Cabaretter Joan Estep.   - (music:

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