The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS, Katie and Kyle are joined at the Shade Table by Avant Garbage while Sharron fulfills maid of honor duties. We talk cellophane couture, the IKEA Illusions lounge, RuPaul’s Valentina Race, trimming and tucking, and All-Stars 4, Episode 7: Queens of Clubs! (music:

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READERS, Katie and Sharron are at the Shade Table with Sue Funke. (Kyle joins us remotely from San Antonio for about 14 minutes before we say "byeeeeeee!") Our stomachs are in our asses as we chat self-driving cars, American Ninja Warrior, dancing dongs, and open-toed boots for All-Stars 4, Episode 6: LollapaRuza. (music: 

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READERS, Hennything is possible as Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather around the Shade Table to talk funeral plans, glitterati, interrupting, roasting roasts, and leaving everybody alone for All-Stars 4, Episode 5. And then we found $20! (music:


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READERS, Katie, Nana Sharron, General Kyle Sassie, and guest Jenn "Gam-Gam" Mundia gather at the Shade Table to talk severed hands, strategery, booty-boos, Marge's mangled Chanel suit, and five-star reviews. Check out Jenn's original songs, now available on Ethel Music! (music:


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