The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS. Hating takes up way too much energy, so we're entering the work room as a bus driver and talking about these hoes during Untucked. Which hoes? Name names! Too vague! XOXO, Kelly Michaels

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B***h, are you in a coma?! READERS, since Katie's still in LA, we've got Kyle and Sharron bringing you The Shade Of It All (and Poochie)! Fours across the board, jaunty hips, Frank'n Grandurrs, horny sassy Ru & our mutual obsession with men with fat asses are but among the many things to bring Sharron to tears twice as we discuss Episode 10 of Season 10 - brought to you by Sharron's super original and not at all sponsored content thoughts on water, by Water People. (Fun fact: Kyle may have gotten better at editing!)

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READERS, Kyle untucks with this week's guests Helen, Brian and David about processing emotions, literal dad jokes, saying "I love you," LiveJournal, and Kyle gets boom! Therapied. (music:

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READERS, while Katie and Sharron are both away, Kyle will play with extra special guest librarians: noted Freemasons expert David, designer Helen and mathematician Brian are at the Shade Table chatting the James Cameron Bible, CLAT, tearaway pants, Miss Congenital, the show must go on, the aging process/clitoral prolapse, and Breastworld. (music:


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READERS, we let it out and go beyond the cauldron in this week's Untucked talking smiling at work, excuses, lipsync gags, $100 meet-and-greets, and LaKendra & Asia's future progeny. (music:

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READERS, we welcome Cher-ish guests LaKendra Tookes and Megami DVil to the Shade Table to discuss bitch slaps, head movement, Kyle’s Lonely Blue Island, cancellations and reboots, and Lady Kier’s Drag Race. (music:

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READERS, we’re back at the Shade Table to Untuck about our blooper reel, shish kebody, and managing our emotions as we wonder: where the hell is Barbara Walters? (music:

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READERS, Katie returns from Iceland to join Kyle and Sharron at the Shade Table talking splooshing, sploshing, lemon emojis, pathological lying hips, hideous fish and Jepsen Derullo. We’ll take our check, America! (music:

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