The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather back at the Shade Table to talk All-Stars 2, Episode 5: Revenge of the Queens! in-depth Oreo analysis, Phi Phi's many Phaces, playing the victim, tandem stand-up, the Drag Race eliminati, and this week's Roscoe's tea and Reader shoutouts. (music:

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Katie, Alex and Janine are back together for THE RE-RU-NION YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR (we assume).  Here it is, our very own Shequal: the West Coast goes pants to pants for part two of this week’s dueling episodes.  The founding Mothaaaas of The Shade of It All wax nostalgic about this week’s AS2 episode, investigate basement flooding insurance, pop multiple garbage bubbles and defend their tickle-things.  How much scandalous overlap will there be between the episodes? Listen with your eyes readers, and find out! (music:

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READERS, dueling episodes this week as Sharron and Kyle wear the shahhhhhh and recap the twist-filled, script-flipping All-Stars 2, Episode 4: Drag Movie She-quels! (Katie is in LA-- stay tuned for a BONUS episode with the OG TSOIA cast of Dad, Katie, and Janine!) The NYC Shade Table talks Sharron's EGOT, LOGO's unedited clapback, Phi Phi, Beyonce Del Rio, and the latest tea from live viewings with the queens. (music:

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READERS, this week Jelizabeth, Jamanda and Jerrica welcome Sue Funke (aka Jabigail) back to the Shade Table for All-Stars 2, Episode 3! We talk citrus-flavored fish poop, suspicious padding, bald caps, all the tea from Phi Phi & Tati's recent Roscoe's viewing, and Reader shoutouts.


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Kyle, Sharron and Katie gather at the Shade Table to talk emojis, scary clowns, sensitive "millennimals," and latex sweats as we get into All-Stars 2, Episode 2: The Snatch Game!


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