The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS, our teacups runneth over at the Shade Table as Sharron astral projects out of the podcast, we show off our Brandy tones, and we introduce Fancy Leftovers, aka Trinity "the Track Record" Taylor Thomas. (music:

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READERS, Kyle, Sharron and Katie welcome Megami D. Vil to the Shade Table to celebrate cola wars, Black Cat History Month, back roll shaming, rogue eyebrows and Megamilfs PLUS All-Stars 4, Episode 9: Sexy and the Kitty Girl! (music:

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READERS, Sharron, Katie and Kyle welcome Matt F to the Shade Table to live a French Vanilla fantasy complete with Yankees-themed weddings, Olympia Dukakis, lacefront beards and podcastles in the sky PLUS All-Stars 4, Episode 8: RuPaul's Best Judy Race. (music:

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READERS! We're back with a Vanjieance and laughing like a bunch of sinister men as Kyle and Katie talk surgicially precise editing, an influx of apostrophes, T-Rex arms, MISS VANJIE!, and shade that 2 hour "RuVeal" while praising the Meet the Queens videos as we...well, Meet the Queens of Season 11! Are we conceited? Or are we GORGEOUS?

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