The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS, can y’all hear the beauty? POSE’s own B. Hawk Snipes of the legendary House of Reign sits down with us to kiki about episodes 5-7 (What Would Candy Do, Love's in Need of Love Today, and Blow). We talk preschool academics, pudding, Sue Simmons, Solid Gold, Elektra’s rejects, and sitting beside Patti Lupone. (music:

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READERS, quick-- squeeze in our latest Summer Reading episode before this week's POSE! Katie, Sharron and Kyle welcome to the Shade Table Tito (the model who was just talking) to discuss opulentils, signature moves, Instant Hotel, Dorito Loco Tacos, killing Cousin Oliver, and calling the cops on Dorian Corry. (music:

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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron pull up to the Shade Table to talk Caroline in the City, Rachael Leigh Cook, Victim-Crime Vision Boards, and NIPPLES EVERYWHERE as we dish about RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 11 Finale! (music:

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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather at the Shade Table about dressing a fupa, horse feathers, functional unf*ckability, Daryl Strawberry, and Wood Glue as we assess the Season 11 reunion! (music:

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READERS! It's a family reunion at the Shade Table as Kyle, Sharron and Katie retake their places and mics to talk Kyle tendencies, Sharron’s drag padding, and play Hotep Pyramid (NOT explained by Dr. Katie Ganache). AND, Season 11, Episode 12: Queens Everywhere!(music:

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Alright readers - this one's a doozy! Katie is booked and blessed ("she's so busy") and Sharron is wrapping up her Eurotrip ("she's STILL in Sweden?!") so Kyle is joined by one of his best judies, the infinitely quotable Holly Louise Gooden! Tune in to find out which queen makes Holly want to rub her boobs, opinions on lacefront beards vs. weave beards, whose tuck could have been better, BIKE SHORTS? and more! It's our longest episode yet for what feels like the longest season yet - start at the 19 minute mark if you want just the show coverage (but we'll keep you laughing if you listen to all 132 minutes, promise). :) (music:

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Readers, we're back on Lawn Guyland! ("We're" being Kyle - Sharron's in Sweden and Katie's sick, no bueno!) Our extra special guest librarian is flight attendant Nico Dragone and his spicy opinions - we're discussing golden pigs, ball pairings, Da Black Magic (or lack thereof), being Stanjies and our other feelings on Season 11, Episode 10: Dragracadabra! All while drinking peach wine product! When will your fave?! (music:

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READERS! Sharron and Kyle are Blacking Out™ and discussing resting bitch voice, scream-laugh-cries, diabetic comas, acquiescing to scene partners, the season of So Many Pants, and the Dreamgirls: Lurleen Lumpkin, Lyle Lanley and Laverle. Oh, and also Episode 9 of Season 11 - L.A.P.D.! (NOT brought to you by Zenni Optical.) "I call her Paula and I keep her hidden." Give that b*tch a Peabody! (music:

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Readers! The power of 3 will set us free as Kyle, author of Why Are You Yelling?, and Sharron, author of From Ho To Housewife: It IS Possible (who may or may not be astral projecting) are joined by good judy of the Salt Table - hey Tauruses! - Megami (who may or may not be a ghost). We’re discussing the queens several salty sides, B*g D*ck B*tch dot com (thanks Bing!), how hard it is having to be a real person and the other shenanigans of Season 11, Episode 8 - Snatch Game At Sea! You know damn well we've got some thoughts on THAT LIPSYNC too! (music:

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The cheese stands alone, readers! Due to a combination of our Shady Ladies being booked and blessed (including out of state!) and Kyle’s birthday shenanigans (Happy Belated Kyle!), our regularly scheduled podcasting program hit a delay this week. To not leave you with TSOIA FOMO, we’ve got a one-time-only one-man show from our resident Aries himself, as he recaps the happenings of From Farm To Runway, Episode 7 of Season 11 (Hey, 7/11! Seriously though, where does denim come from?) (music:

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READERS! Joining Kyle and Katie in Sharron’s absence is comedy-horror writer (and returning guest librarian) David Nora! We’re going back to our Kameron Michaels shit as we talk Swan Lake with Death Drops, if daftboy is Banksy, being the most Vanjie, Metro Pollis and the Draglympics for our recap of Season 11, Episode 6! Onusthing is possible! (music:

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READERS, while Kyle's away, Katie and Sharron have Mike Soto at the Shade Table talking curmudgeon eleganza, blurred hairlines, the gay Situation, Cara Delevawgne and Rex and the City. Sharron gives a TED talk and we unicorn the house down hooves as we chat about Season 11, Episode 5: Monster's Ball! (music:

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READERS, Katie and Sharron are back to watch Kyle flip the Shade Table. We get political about The Quinns, Sharron gets Abducted in Plain Sight, and Kyle explains dance belts as we talk girl crushes and recap Season 11, Episode 4 - tRump: the Rusical! (music:

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READERS! Katie’s in Mexico & Sharron’s moving to a brand new soundstage, so Kyle’s holding down the Shade Table with two of his good Judies - Pedro Guerrero, writer & cheesecake maker extraordinaire, and Hector Torres, renowned Puerto Rican & digital marketing manager at [REDACTED]. While sipping on some champagne, the boys talk about why Team Britney was Stronger, why Team Mariah was A No No, rain dancing with the Grandma from Dinosaurs and the rest of our thoughts on Episode 3 of Season 11! (music:

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READERS, check your latitudes! Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather at the Shade Table to talk FashionNoma, sunburns, fish wings, and various crèmes as we get into Season 11, Episode 2! (music:

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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle bring their bibliographies to the Shade Table to discuss entrance looks, A$AP Backstory poochie prints, whose box we want, fanjies, and extra-special guest judge Hip-Hop Harrimy Bearimy. Get into Drag Race Season 11 with us! (music:


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READERS, our teacups runneth over at the Shade Table as Sharron astral projects out of the podcast, we show off our Brandy tones, and we introduce Fancy Leftovers, aka Trinity "the Track Record" Taylor Thomas. (music:

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READERS, Kyle, Sharron and Katie welcome Megami D. Vil to the Shade Table to celebrate cola wars, Black Cat History Month, back roll shaming, rogue eyebrows and Megamilfs PLUS All-Stars 4, Episode 9: Sexy and the Kitty Girl! (music:

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READERS, Sharron, Katie and Kyle welcome Matt F to the Shade Table to live a French Vanilla fantasy complete with Yankees-themed weddings, Olympia Dukakis, lacefront beards and podcastles in the sky PLUS All-Stars 4, Episode 8: RuPaul's Best Judy Race. (music:

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READERS! We're back with a Vanjieance and laughing like a bunch of sinister men as Kyle and Katie talk surgicially precise editing, an influx of apostrophes, T-Rex arms, MISS VANJIE!, and shade that 2 hour "RuVeal" while praising the Meet the Queens videos as we...well, Meet the Queens of Season 11! Are we conceited? Or are we GORGEOUS?

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READERS, Katie and Kyle are joined at the Shade Table by Avant Garbage while Sharron fulfills maid of honor duties. We talk cellophane couture, the IKEA Illusions lounge, RuPaul’s Valentina Race, trimming and tucking, and All-Stars 4, Episode 7: Queens of Clubs! (music:

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READERS, Katie and Sharron are at the Shade Table with Sue Funke. (Kyle joins us remotely from San Antonio for about 14 minutes before we say "byeeeeeee!") Our stomachs are in our asses as we chat self-driving cars, American Ninja Warrior, dancing dongs, and open-toed boots for All-Stars 4, Episode 6: LollapaRuza. (music: 

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READERS, Hennything is possible as Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather around the Shade Table to talk funeral plans, glitterati, interrupting, roasting roasts, and leaving everybody alone for All-Stars 4, Episode 5. And then we found $20! (music:


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READERS, Katie, Nana Sharron, General Kyle Sassie, and guest Jenn "Gam-Gam" Mundia gather at the Shade Table to talk severed hands, strategery, booty-boos, Marge's mangled Chanel suit, and five-star reviews. Check out Jenn's original songs, now available on Ethel Music! (music:


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