The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

All hail BeBe The First!  It's the crowning and Katie, Janine and Alex now know what pretty much everyone else does: BeBe won!  Hear us revel in her win, not call Rebecca a bitch even though we totally could call her a bitch, pronuciate all crappity and survive the end of the world.  Cowabunga loca! - (music:

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Loca, we’re only one episode away from crowning the first ever RPDR Next Drag Superstar and you know what the means Loca: CLIP SHOW!  Katie, Janine and Alex ru-view the season with RuPaul as our sherpa.  Along the way Loca we tune our ham radios, attend destination orgies and Loca the bright side of Loca, Loca.
(apologies for the uninvited cicada who crashed this episode)
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This week is TSOIA Podcast Episode 20, the most beautiful episode that knows it’s beautiful because it is.  Katie, Janine and Alex cuchi-cuchi-cuchi through Season One Episode Six, say goodbye to Shannel and hello their very special guest: a cantaloupe.  - (music:

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IT’S THE FINAL MEOW MEOW!  Ok, maybe not, but it is the first MAKEOVER CHALLENGE in RPDR herstory!  The Glamazons overhaul the Amazons!  Katie endorses online erotic slashfic!  Janine drools over warrior princesses (princessi?)  Alex iPhone syncs FOR HIS LIFE!  Everyone strays way off topic!  It’s GLAMDAEMONIUM! - (music:

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