The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

READERS, Kyle, Katie and Sharron talk Anna Nicole, nucular millenimals, Holiday Barbie, #ninashouldhavebeenblacchyna, Kenan, and fidget spinners as Sharron has a Christian Bale breakdown and Kyle tells us about attending the NYC finale party. (music:

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READERS, we were down a Kyle this week, but we did pick up a Max Wittert! We talk hamachi realness, Funky Monkey, Cameron Ughhhhhh, The Haus of Dad, libel vs. slander, salvia, Holly Robinson Peete, and tropical Skittles. (music:

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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron are gathered at the Shade Table talking sensible bedfellows, Fashion House, their new Scooby van, body chocolate, Mayday, and Mrs. Garrett. We love us some squatty potty!



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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather 'round the Shade Table in two different locations this week to talk about dogs with four legs. grayscale rainbows, Planet Unicorn. accidental timecops. peppernips and Season 9, Episode 11: Gayest Ball Ever!


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