The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race (Television)

Ayo sis! Ayo ma! READERS. It’s a family affair at The Shade Table this week as Kyle is joined by his twin sister Kayla and mother Karen to kiki about this week’s episode! Kayla talks about her admiration for look queens, Karen apparently really doesn’t like Widow, Kyle divulges some tips about making the most of small parts in a show, and we recap the ups, downs and “Who should go home tonight and why?”s of Episode 5 of Season 12: Gay’s Anatomy! (music:

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Hope you’re ready for some unprecedented firsts on The Shade Of It All, readers! This is our first life-altering pandemic during the pod, so Kyle is trying out a Hail Mary pass (that’s sports enough, right?) with recording first time guests (and the first ever call-in librarians!) Kevin Tallon (of the Gotham Knights rugby team) and two-time Olympic swimmer Amini Fonua! These athletic gentlemen flex their shade muscles as we talk serving it to one camera, living Jersey accents, Amino’s Barb status, Kevin’s food dating reality show past, hater merch, problematic faves, swimming vs. Broadway, 3 different brand new kinks to praise/shame, what it takes to see a goofy French person, and of course the THIRTY SIX (!) runway looks in this week’s Ball Ball! Who hit a home run? Who stayed in the gutter? How many bus driver wigs did you think this cast owns? Up your D! FENCE! and listen to find out! Gooooooooooal! (music:

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#ThankGoodnes - Kyle-Steven’s rejoined by one of his favorite Judys, Holly Louise, and welcoming to the kink-shaming Shade Table for the first time, Keith Avery! Life’s not fair that Kyle’s surrounded by these beauteous recipients of God’s Photoshop, but we manage to sneak in references to fish hiding kids in their mouths, personal pandemic problems, murder elevators, being blessed and highly flavored, Fruit Roll Up suits, AT&Teeth, bad improv with some unfortunate character names, Rubles, buttons, bows, bus driver wigs, ASMR & vodka - all while discussing Episode 3 of Season 12, The World's Worst! Full disclosure: our recap starts at the 24 minute mark, but just make yourself a quarantini and enjoy the ride! (music:

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READERS! Kyle’s joined by the current f*cking reigning Miss Nerd New York, Megami! We spend a little bit of time discussing the giant disqualified elephant in the room but then get into a discussion of sad girl music, painting with the S12 girls, Destiny’s LaTavias, the Cardi B Collection for Fashion Nova, Janne Hathaway and premiere 2 of 2 for Drag Race Season 12: You Don’t Know Me. (Their Venmos do work, by the way: @megaminyc and @kyle-steven-porter - help some poor uneducated womyn out!) (music:

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READERS. Sharron’s wearing her TEAMWENDY shirt, Katie’s getting her cake sitting pants on while getting increasingly blonde (she’s 40!), and Kyle is…hard to hear (he has an excuse though - he’s sick!) as we get the gang together to drop some *big* Shade Table Season 12 News. We also talk emoji mashups, pangolins, capybaras, skinty legendts, tiny tiny couches, getting refunds AND credits, All Stars 12, leprosy and premiere 1 of 2 for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12. IF YOU STAY FREDDY YOU AIN’T GOT TO GET FREDDY! (music:

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READERS, can y’all hear the beauty? POSE’s own B. Hawk Snipes of the legendary House of Reign sits down with us to kiki about episodes 5-7 (What Would Candy Do, Love's in Need of Love Today, and Blow). We talk preschool academics, pudding, Sue Simmons, Solid Gold, Elektra’s rejects, and sitting beside Patti Lupone. (music:

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READERS, quick-- squeeze in our latest Summer Reading episode before this week's POSE! Katie, Sharron and Kyle welcome to the Shade Table Tito (the model who was just talking) to discuss opulentils, signature moves, Instant Hotel, Dorito Loco Tacos, killing Cousin Oliver, and calling the cops on Dorian Corry. (music:

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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron pull up to the Shade Table to talk Caroline in the City, Rachael Leigh Cook, Victim-Crime Vision Boards, and NIPPLES EVERYWHERE as we dish about RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 11 Finale! (music:

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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather at the Shade Table about dressing a fupa, horse feathers, functional unf*ckability, Daryl Strawberry, and Wood Glue as we assess the Season 11 reunion! (music:

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READERS! It's a family reunion at the Shade Table as Kyle, Sharron and Katie retake their places and mics to talk Kyle tendencies, Sharron’s drag padding, and play Hotep Pyramid (NOT explained by Dr. Katie Ganache). AND, Season 11, Episode 12: Queens Everywhere!(music:

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Alright readers - this one's a doozy! Katie is booked and blessed ("she's so busy") and Sharron is wrapping up her Eurotrip ("she's STILL in Sweden?!") so Kyle is joined by one of his best judies, the infinitely quotable Holly Louise Gooden! Tune in to find out which queen makes Holly want to rub her boobs, opinions on lacefront beards vs. weave beards, whose tuck could have been better, BIKE SHORTS? and more! It's our longest episode yet for what feels like the longest season yet - start at the 19 minute mark if you want just the show coverage (but we'll keep you laughing if you listen to all 132 minutes, promise). :) (music:

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Readers, we're back on Lawn Guyland! ("We're" being Kyle - Sharron's in Sweden and Katie's sick, no bueno!) Our extra special guest librarian is flight attendant Nico Dragone and his spicy opinions - we're discussing golden pigs, ball pairings, Da Black Magic (or lack thereof), being Stanjies and our other feelings on Season 11, Episode 10: Dragracadabra! All while drinking peach wine product! When will your fave?! (music:

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READERS! Sharron and Kyle are Blacking Out™ and discussing resting bitch voice, scream-laugh-cries, diabetic comas, acquiescing to scene partners, the season of So Many Pants, and the Dreamgirls: Lurleen Lumpkin, Lyle Lanley and Laverle. Oh, and also Episode 9 of Season 11 - L.A.P.D.! (NOT brought to you by Zenni Optical.) "I call her Paula and I keep her hidden." Give that b*tch a Peabody! (music:

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Readers! The power of 3 will set us free as Kyle, author of Why Are You Yelling?, and Sharron, author of From Ho To Housewife: It IS Possible (who may or may not be astral projecting) are joined by good judy of the Salt Table - hey Tauruses! - Megami (who may or may not be a ghost). We’re discussing the queens several salty sides, B*g D*ck B*tch dot com (thanks Bing!), how hard it is having to be a real person and the other shenanigans of Season 11, Episode 8 - Snatch Game At Sea! You know damn well we've got some thoughts on THAT LIPSYNC too! (music:

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The cheese stands alone, readers! Due to a combination of our Shady Ladies being booked and blessed (including out of state!) and Kyle’s birthday shenanigans (Happy Belated Kyle!), our regularly scheduled podcasting program hit a delay this week. To not leave you with TSOIA FOMO, we’ve got a one-time-only one-man show from our resident Aries himself, as he recaps the happenings of From Farm To Runway, Episode 7 of Season 11 (Hey, 7/11! Seriously though, where does denim come from?) (music:

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READERS! Joining Kyle and Katie in Sharron’s absence is comedy-horror writer (and returning guest librarian) David Nora! We’re going back to our Kameron Michaels shit as we talk Swan Lake with Death Drops, if daftboy is Banksy, being the most Vanjie, Metro Pollis and the Draglympics for our recap of Season 11, Episode 6! Onusthing is possible! (music:

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READERS, while Kyle's away, Katie and Sharron have Mike Soto at the Shade Table talking curmudgeon eleganza, blurred hairlines, the gay Situation, Cara Delevawgne and Rex and the City. Sharron gives a TED talk and we unicorn the house down hooves as we chat about Season 11, Episode 5: Monster's Ball! (music:

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READERS, Katie and Sharron are back to watch Kyle flip the Shade Table. We get political about The Quinns, Sharron gets Abducted in Plain Sight, and Kyle explains dance belts as we talk girl crushes and recap Season 11, Episode 4 - tRump: the Rusical! (music:

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READERS! Katie’s in Mexico & Sharron’s moving to a brand new soundstage, so Kyle’s holding down the Shade Table with two of his good Judies - Pedro Guerrero, writer & cheesecake maker extraordinaire, and Hector Torres, renowned Puerto Rican & digital marketing manager at [REDACTED]. While sipping on some champagne, the boys talk about why Team Britney was Stronger, why Team Mariah was A No No, rain dancing with the Grandma from Dinosaurs and the rest of our thoughts on Episode 3 of Season 11! (music:

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READERS, check your latitudes! Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather at the Shade Table to talk FashionNoma, sunburns, fish wings, and various crèmes as we get into Season 11, Episode 2! (music:

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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle bring their bibliographies to the Shade Table to discuss entrance looks, A$AP Backstory poochie prints, whose box we want, fanjies, and extra-special guest judge Hip-Hop Harrimy Bearimy. Get into Drag Race Season 11 with us! (music:


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READERS, our teacups runneth over at the Shade Table as Sharron astral projects out of the podcast, we show off our Brandy tones, and we introduce Fancy Leftovers, aka Trinity "the Track Record" Taylor Thomas. (music:

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READERS, Kyle, Sharron and Katie welcome Megami D. Vil to the Shade Table to celebrate cola wars, Black Cat History Month, back roll shaming, rogue eyebrows and Megamilfs PLUS All-Stars 4, Episode 9: Sexy and the Kitty Girl! (music:

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READERS! We're back with a Vanjieance and laughing like a bunch of sinister men as Kyle and Katie talk surgicially precise editing, an influx of apostrophes, T-Rex arms, MISS VANJIE!, and shade that 2 hour "RuVeal" while praising the Meet the Queens videos as we...well, Meet the Queens of Season 11! Are we conceited? Or are we GORGEOUS?

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READERS, Katie and Kyle are joined at the Shade Table by Avant Garbage while Sharron fulfills maid of honor duties. We talk cellophane couture, the IKEA Illusions lounge, RuPaul’s Valentina Race, trimming and tucking, and All-Stars 4, Episode 7: Queens of Clubs! (music:

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READERS, Katie and Sharron are at the Shade Table with Sue Funke. (Kyle joins us remotely from San Antonio for about 14 minutes before we say "byeeeeeee!") Our stomachs are in our asses as we chat self-driving cars, American Ninja Warrior, dancing dongs, and open-toed boots for All-Stars 4, Episode 6: LollapaRuza. (music: 

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READERS, Hennything is possible as Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather around the Shade Table to talk funeral plans, glitterati, interrupting, roasting roasts, and leaving everybody alone for All-Stars 4, Episode 5. And then we found $20! (music:


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READERS, Katie, Nana Sharron, General Kyle Sassie, and guest Jenn "Gam-Gam" Mundia gather at the Shade Table to talk severed hands, strategery, booty-boos, Marge's mangled Chanel suit, and five-star reviews. Check out Jenn's original songs, now available on Ethel Music! (music:


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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather at a (new-to-us) Shade Table to talk Candy Girl, Kwanzaa, VR Troopers, TSOIA Mad Libs, Gus and Keiynon, and how to tell tic-tacs from tomatoes for All-Stars 4, Episode 3. We're at peace with it! (music:

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READERS, while Sharron is away, Katie and Kyle welcome Greg Kirkorian (friend of the podcast and winner of drag illustration contest Ms. Paint's Art Race), to discuss vocal performances, RompHims, Lucille Ball and Gia on the Great British Baking Show. Tell your frienemies & leave us a 5-star review! (music:

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READERS, we're at the Shade Table to tell! it! again!, talking upsetting makeup, roaming lace, pattern cage match, and bony people dancing, between recapping the first episode of #AllStars4. (music:


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Readers, we need to calm down! We're back at the Shade Table talking lipstick assassins, psychic eyeballs, and the #DragRace Parthenon. We’re never gonna host the Oscars! (music:

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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Tiger are back at the Shade Table with guest Calvin Cato talking JT grief porn, resting in peach, Florida Noir, and BWAPS. Oh, and occasionally we touch upon our new fave show, Claws! (music:

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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather to talk the new Ryan Murphy show on FX, POSE! We chat about the 80's, The Beek, Professor Quiverfull, 8th Avenue, the Christopher Street pier, Paris Is Burning, Vogue-y Boys and Al B. Sure, the Marvin Gaye of our time. (music:

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READERS, Katie, Sharron, Kyle and the smoky quartz he brought for all the haters break down chicken nuggets, Sharron’s k-pop group, Grameron Michaels, feather mattresses and lepidopteraphobia. You are shooting your wad early, young lady! (

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HAPPY PRIDE READERS! Sharron and Kyle are Reunited as a throuple getting into throuble with returning friend of the podcast Mike Soto, and we're talking gesturing in directions, (not) looking your age or lying about it, Huge Tiny Fallacies, Bible fingering and being the Megazord of gay, as well as (eventually), the Reunion of Season 10 of Drag Race. Just a warning - we don't start talking about the episode until 29 minutes in. :|

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READERS, for our last and very messy Untucked of the season, Kyle, Katie discuss cloacas, whether things happen for a reason, calling Asia. (music:

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READERS, Kyle and Kate oyster-shame Sharron to kick off this week's 'cast talking Biblical trade, Sharron’s list of -ists, grief bacon, unnamed titties, Kyle’s gay gaze and Camp Dramatica! (music:


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QUEENS WALKING, Readers! Kyle and Katie untuck at the Shade Table with the six pressure points of the inner critic, avid fans, possessions, and White Elephant Yankee Swaps. (music:

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READERS, Katie and Kyle have no idea how many weeks it’s been as they gather at the Shade Table to talk butterfly effects, Carl Hiaasen, inner saboteurs, the shield of Jante, peeing clear, and evil twins. (music:

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READERS. Hating takes up way too much energy, so we're entering the work room as a bus driver and talking about these hoes during Untucked. Which hoes? Name names! Too vague! XOXO, Kelly Michaels

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B***h, are you in a coma?! READERS, since Katie's still in LA, we've got Kyle and Sharron bringing you The Shade Of It All (and Poochie)! Fours across the board, jaunty hips, Frank'n Grandurrs, horny sassy Ru & our mutual obsession with men with fat asses are but among the many things to bring Sharron to tears twice as we discuss Episode 10 of Season 10 - brought to you by Sharron's super original and not at all sponsored content thoughts on water, by Water People. (Fun fact: Kyle may have gotten better at editing!)

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READERS, Kyle untucks with this week's guests Helen, Brian and David about processing emotions, literal dad jokes, saying "I love you," LiveJournal, and Kyle gets boom! Therapied. (music:

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READERS, while Katie and Sharron are both away, Kyle will play with extra special guest librarians: noted Freemasons expert David, designer Helen and mathematician Brian are at the Shade Table chatting the James Cameron Bible, CLAT, tearaway pants, Miss Congenital, the show must go on, the aging process/clitoral prolapse, and Breastworld. (music:


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READERS, we let it out and go beyond the cauldron in this week's Untucked talking smiling at work, excuses, lipsync gags, $100 meet-and-greets, and LaKendra & Asia's future progeny. (music:

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READERS, we welcome Cher-ish guests LaKendra Tookes and Megami DVil to the Shade Table to discuss bitch slaps, head movement, Kyle’s Lonely Blue Island, cancellations and reboots, and Lady Kier’s Drag Race. (music:

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READERS, we’re back at the Shade Table to Untuck about our blooper reel, shish kebody, and managing our emotions as we wonder: where the hell is Barbara Walters? (music:

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READERS, Katie returns from Iceland to join Kyle and Sharron at the Shade Table talking splooshing, sploshing, lemon emojis, pathological lying hips, hideous fish and Jepsen Derullo. We’ll take our check, America! (music:

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READERS, we're narrowly dodging glass bottles and howling birds as we talk about knowing what semmin is, EPS!, hearing people through filters and this week's Untucked. COME HOME A LOSER IF YOU WANT TO!

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READERS, while Katie is gathering ice to bring back from Iceland, Sharron and Kyle are a dynamic duo talking about cake sitting (we're not shaming you, but we're not not shaming you), forgetting how to talk as one talks about talking, nipples everywhere and Jane Jetson at Columbus Circle playing the saxomatrumpet. (Kyle apologizes about the First Timer At The Editing Helm sound quality!)

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READERS, we're talking drizzles, gold stars and pickup lines as we dissect this week's Untucked! (music:

Direct download: TSOIA_113b_-_Season_10_Episode_5_Untucked_-_42318_8.20_PM.mp3
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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather to talk bashments, the food stations at our three-way wedding, full-fledged sexy baby tantrums, diminadiminadimina, creepy little debbie boys and posthumous/ belated birthday wishes. Tweet a "Happy birthday" to @sharronica!! (music:

Direct download: TSOIA_113_-_Season_10_Episode_5_-_42318_2.39_PM.mp3
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READERS, can you handle this? Sharron glosses up to dash out for a date as Katie and Kyle break down this week's Untucked complete with craftiness, forming opinions, 2 Can Play That Game, secret television, drag trivia, and Whatcha Packin? (music:

Direct download: TSOIA_112_-_Season_10_Episode_4_Untucked_-_41718_3-05_PM.mp3
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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather to kiki about playafoot, #Beychella, Becky with the Nutrish, scatological humor, Rainbow Shabertha, and Miss Spangie as we review celeb photobombs and three runways featuring THREE LERKS! (music:

Direct download: TSOIA_112_-_Season_10_Episode_4_-_41618_1.04_PM.mp3
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READERS, it's tens across the porch as Katie and Sharron roll into Untucked with Dad and Alex to talk anthropomorphized lamps, debate malt flavor, call 911 for Blair, and discuss the hoes to whom we refer in Untucked: Season 10, Episode 3! (music:

Direct download: TSOIA_111b_-_S10_E3_Untucked_-_41018_6.11_PM.mp3
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READERS, while Kyle is in Boston, Katie and Sharron welcome two special guests back to the Shade Table: Dad and Max! It's the Ru-union you won't want to miss as we talk Daniel Day-Bottoms the lamp, Muppet Boobies, and Coco Chanel along with Season 10, Episode 3: "Tap That App." (music:

Direct download: TSOIA_111_-_Season_10_Episode_3_-_41018_2.13_AM.output.mp3
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READERS, we recognize each other’s spirits and bang out a quick Untuck talking hard numbers, fruit, our authentic selves, and Kalorie’s Krying. (music:

Direct download: TSOIA_110b_-_Untucked_S10_E2.mp3
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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Anti-Kyle gather at the Shade Table to tongue-pop and talk Miss Vanjie, anal options, Monique's Drag Face, Cooking with Fernet Branca, sixth grade,  (


Direct download: TSOIA_110_-_S10_E2.mp3
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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron let their dicks out and talk this week's Untucked, back on television WHERE IT BELONGS! We're more than your auntie as we chat about dress receipts, t-shirts, feelins', Xtina's ex, Aaliyah's estate, and Cucu vs. cookies. (music:

Direct download: TSOIA109b_-_S10_E1_Untucked.mp3
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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle are at the Shade Table talking 5-star reviews, Mrs Garrett Sings Beyonce, thottin' and boppin', sleeping with Mayhem. and Horticulture. JAZZ, QUEEN! (


Direct download: TSOIA109_-_S10_E1.mp3
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READERS, after a few days of unsuccessfully processing our emotions, Katie, Kyle and Sharron welcome guest Sue Funke to the Shade Table to talk the All-Stars 3 finale. We're talking Jerry AND Charlie O’Connell, My Strange Addiction: Why I Love Webs, the struggle bus, the Sunken Place, deleted queens, and JUSTICE! (music:

Direct download: Untitled_-_31918_1.01_AM.mp3
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READERS, Katie and Kyle welcome Candice "Candy Crush" Boysen to the Shade Table to talk being fresh and new to Drag Race, Ornacia wearing Cornacia, Peppermint, hissing swans, and being curious for the rest of your life. (music:

Direct download: Untitled_-_31018_1.24_AM.mp3
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READERS, Katie and friend of the show Mike Soto sit at the Shade Table while Sharron gets her steps in to talk green stuff, The Handmaid’s Tale, Glamberts, Kitty Spaghettios, and hot leaking Milk for #DragRace All-Stars 3, Episode 6. (music:


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READERS, it's a quick little kiki with Kyle and Katie at the Shade Table talking about the Season 10 Meet the Queens and Facebook Live, Mugler & Le Gap, the Chipettes, and Joy from Barnes & Noble!


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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle welcome guest LaKendra Tookes to the Shade Table this week to talk Black History Month, Clara Bow, Shangie von Furstenberg, a raisin in the cookie dough, and sugar-coated semen, as we SHOULD NOT!


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READERS, while Katie is away, Kyle and Sharron welcome guest circus aerialist Caleb Jordan to talk Backstreet Boys, crush codenames, "Get out of my station," Baja Picante, Quite Black, Miss Cleo, a cognizant 4-leaf clover fish, a ho for Jesus, and A Tide Pod to Remember. (music:

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READERS, Katie, Sharron and a slightly drunk Kyle keep it high and tight this week along with guests Calvin Cole (not to be confused with Cato) and Caitlin Puckett (and their dog Veruca!) We talk Workroom Ben, Un2orgettable, Alexis Mateo, Mayor Quimby, and Gentlemen Prefer Gentlemen. 


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READERS, join Katie, Sharron and this week's guest, Calvin Cato, at the Shade Table as Kyle schools us on the origins of the genuine Usekh collar someone brought him all the way from Etsy! We talk Mariah breastplates, Aja's glow-up, and Thorgy the Kaiju!



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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle are back at the Shade Table talking Drag Race Thailand, fun bitches vs. murderous bitches, Heelies, Avenue Q, cancerous loofah fashion, and what it means to be an All-Star. (music:

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READERS! Sharron, Kyle and Katie reunite at the Shade Table to dish about VH1's new terrible show Scared Famous AND the forthcoming season of RPDR All-Stars 3! We're gooped, coughed and floamed about the AS3 queens and some of the ***SPOILERS*** we have in store, and we kick off our spinoff podcast, Two Whole-Ass Black People And A Katie. (music: 

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READERS, Kyle, Katie and Sharron gather around a Business Shade Table to talk about their recent field trip to see Alaska and Jeremy in On Golden Girls, Katie's visit to a psychic, "centipedes in my vagina" meme, and Kyle's near-death experience in Episode 99. At the end we ask: do you have favorite TSOIA moments? Slide into our various DMs and tell us what they are! (music:

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Sharron, Kyle and Katie (accompanied by podcast observer and Shriners expert David) gather on a Shade Sofa (!) to talk about the much-underrated Whatcha Packin? with Michelle Visage, looking cute in various outfits and glasses and hairstyles and shoes. And the Season 9 queens are also there! Sidebar: get at us with your favorite podcast moments for our forthcoming Best Of episode! XOXO, Gossip Hurl

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READERS, Kyle, Katie and Sharron talk Anna Nicole, nucular millenimals, Holiday Barbie, #ninashouldhavebeenblacchyna, Kenan, and fidget spinners as Sharron has a Christian Bale breakdown and Kyle tells us about attending the NYC finale party. (music:

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READERS, we were down a Kyle this week, but we did pick up a Max Wittert! We talk hamachi realness, Funky Monkey, Cameron Ughhhhhh, The Haus of Dad, libel vs. slander, salvia, Holly Robinson Peete, and tropical Skittles. (music:

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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron are gathered at the Shade Table talking sensible bedfellows, Fashion House, their new Scooby van, body chocolate, Mayday, and Mrs. Garrett. We love us some squatty potty!



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READERS, Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather 'round the Shade Table in two different locations this week to talk about dogs with four legs. grayscale rainbows, Planet Unicorn. accidental timecops. peppernips and Season 9, Episode 11: Gayest Ball Ever!


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READERS, Sharron and Kyle need an adult at the Shade Table this week as we talk #DragRace Ep. 10: Crew Betta Work! (music:

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READERS, Kyle, Katie and Sharron welcome comedian Garry Hannon to the Shade Table to talk Totes McGotes, familiar demons, club kid stories, Wigstock, and Valentina as we come through for #DragRace Season 9, Episode 9. (Music:

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle discuss The Realness, read their last iTunes review, discuss the Library challenge and crystal deodorant, praise Ross Mathews's FACE FACE FACE, tapeworms, and recount spotting Carson Kressley in the wild, as they talk #DragRace S9E8: #RuPaulRoast!


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Katie, Kyle and Sharron welcome guest Calvin Cato to the Shade Table this week to talk Madonna's looks, Peppermint's neck syllables, Monna Dartin Draguates, shady rattlesnake noises and and Episode 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race: 9021-ho!


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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather at the Shade Table to behold Season 9's #SnatchGame! We talk urban nature, Zooey Deschanel, Gigi Gorgeous v. Gigi Hadid, Madonna's iconic looks, NeNe NoNos, and Cucus getting the f out of our faces. (

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READERS, this week Katie and Kyle are joined at the Shade Table by comedian (and future Kathy Bates drag artiste) Marc Maietta! We drag the drag Kardashians, process the unexpected loss of a queen, send Meghan Trainor away, and come up with thirty additional names for Nina Bo'Nina Brown as we get into #DragRace Season 9, Episode 5.


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READERS, Katie, Kyle, and Sharron welcome Chicago's own Mo Ibrahim to the Shade Table this week (even after he asked why we call you our Readers, because as you know we are very merciful) to talk great American cities, bananas with tomato sauce, and destroying bathrooms before the 23-minute mark, we get to discussing Episode 4 of #DragRace: Good Morning Bitches! We've got a lot to say about Eureka, Heidi & Spencer, what happens when you get cardinal signs in a room, and this week's fly-over runway.


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READERS, Kyle and Katie welcome guest Sue Funke to the Shade Table this week (well, for a little while) to dish about #DragRace Season 9, Episode 3: Draggily Ever After. We compare notes and talk sidekicks, Medieval Times, and the hip pads struggle.


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READERS, Kyle, Sharron and Katie are joined at the Shade Table by the silently embattled Missy Baker this week to talk the perfect murder, Atlanta drag scene drama, Wendy, Sharron's secret romance with David Schwimmer, and we cheerlead the queens during episode 2 of #DragRace! Plus we introduce our shiny new Patreon!


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READERS, gather round the Shade Table with Katie, Kyle and Sharron to talk the #DragRace premiere! We discuss kangaroos, human basilisks, lace fronts, bb cream, Antz, and cheeseheads, plus touch on the latest RuCap and Todrick's new visual album. P.S.: Nobody’s trying to take your man with a lime-a-rita.


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READERS! If you don't want spoilers, SKIP THIS EPISODE. Otherwise, gather 'round while Kyle, Katie and guest Oscar Avila, who came all the way from Texas to attend the official #DragRace premiere party, dish about the first 20 minutes of the premiere, who's rumored to go home first (and second), everyone's live act, and #OhMyGaga.

(music: www.bensound.com_

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather at the Shade Table chez Sharron to discuss the best place to see #GetOut, what's upstairs at Sharron's house, the new #DragRace 30-second preview, the show's move to VH1 and Fridays, our Patreon, and everyone getting the f*ck out of our collective face.


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Katie, Sharron and Kyle gather at the Shade Table (with mics!) to discuss our theme song, Sharron's health (spoiler: SHARRON IS WOLVERINE), and our newly introduced Season 9 queens! (music:

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Katie & Kyle gather at the Shade Table (Sharron was sick) to talk about a variety of topics, including Leah Remini, Puffs: The Play, Mariah's World, ANTM, and the Mystery of the Disappearing David Barton gym.


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With Sharron sickened (literally) for the evening, Mike Soto joins Katie and Kyle at the Shade Table to talk dental work, bodega cats, blaming the edit, and Drag Race standom. (music:

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle welcome Sue Funke back to shoot the shade about the Drag Race finale, Alaska’s “The T” music video, Willam's new beard, resting on pretty, and the Bitch Whisperer. (music:

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle welcome guest Calvin Cato to the Shade Table for the finale of All-Stars 2! We talk Cardi B, FAIR WARNING: We don't get into the episode for the first 30 minutes. Sorryboutit! (music:

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Katie, Sharron and Kyle pull up to a Shade Table on Long Island to talk All-Stars 2, Episode 8. Kyle is deep in his feels as we debate the bottom three, process the elimination, vogue the house down, and hurl snake emojis across the table, along with reader shoutouts! (music:

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READERS, Sharron, Katie and Kyle are gathered at the Shade Table to discuss what happened while you/we were gone, processing Phi Phi's departure, Alyssa & Tati's return, Violet Chackhi & Rick James, butt-butt golf, Marcus-Lymoñé, Kyle's Go-Go juice, and skeet shooting. (music:

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READERS, Katie, Kyle and Sharron gather back at the Shade Table to talk All-Stars 2, Episode 5: Revenge of the Queens! in-depth Oreo analysis, Phi Phi's many Phaces, playing the victim, tandem stand-up, the Drag Race eliminati, and this week's Roscoe's tea and Reader shoutouts. (music:

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READERS, dueling episodes this week as Sharron and Kyle wear the shahhhhhh and recap the twist-filled, script-flipping All-Stars 2, Episode 4: Drag Movie She-quels! (Katie is in LA-- stay tuned for a BONUS episode with the OG TSOIA cast of Dad, Katie, and Janine!) The NYC Shade Table talks Sharron's EGOT, LOGO's unedited clapback, Phi Phi, Beyonce Del Rio, and the latest tea from live viewings with the queens. (music:

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READERS, this week Jelizabeth, Jamanda and Jerrica welcome Sue Funke (aka Jabigail) back to the Shade Table for All-Stars 2, Episode 3! We talk citrus-flavored fish poop, suspicious padding, bald caps, all the tea from Phi Phi & Tati's recent Roscoe's viewing, and Reader shoutouts.


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Kyle, Sharron and Katie gather at the Shade Table to talk emojis, scary clowns, sensitive "millennimals," and latex sweats as we get into All-Stars 2, Episode 2: The Snatch Game!


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READERS, Sharron, Katie and Kyle gather at the Shade Table for a summer 'cast before Sharron and Katie go away JUST LIKE KYLE'S FATHER! CAUTION: Potential spoilers abound as we (well, Kyle) Nancy Drew our way through the All-Stars 2 trailer and discuss dick pics vs. ass shots, the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and Aubrey O'Day. (music:

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