The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race (general)

READERS, Sharron, Katie and Kyle welcome Matt F to the Shade Table to live a French Vanilla fantasy complete with Yankees-themed weddings, Olympia Dukakis, lacefront beards and podcastles in the sky PLUS All-Stars 4, Episode 8: RuPaul's Best Judy Race. (music:

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Katie, Alex and Janine are back together for THE RE-RU-NION YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR (we assume).  Here it is, our very own Shequal: the West Coast goes pants to pants for part two of this week’s dueling episodes.  The founding Mothaaaas of The Shade of It All wax nostalgic about this week’s AS2 episode, investigate basement flooding insurance, pop multiple garbage bubbles and defend their tickle-things.  How much scandalous overlap will there be between the episodes? Listen with your eyes readers, and find out! (music:

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CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FACE!  We made it readers!  All Stars 2 is real, and it’s spectacular!  This episode we are back on the West Coast with Dad, Kelly and guests Masi Thomason and Todd Masterson. Don’t let our even tones deceive you, this was an exciting night for RPDR and hopes are high for a great season full of twists, puppets and MORE KATYA!  (music:

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Due to an excited lack of communication, the East Coast Shade Table and the West Coast Shade Table recorded All Star ramp-up episodes SIMULTANEOUSLY WITHOUT THE OTHER KNOWING IT!  But you win in the long run Readers as we present the West Coast episode only days after the East Coast one dropped.  Now you can get twice as excited about All Stars Twice.  Will there be overlap?  Will there be wildly contrasting viewpoints?  Will Alex, Caitlin, Kelly and special guest TODD MASTERSON wear caftans in spin class and reveal the ALASKA 5000 SCANDAL 2016?  Listen to find out!


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Readers, this is the story of a girl…named Derrick.  We ALL Bennet This week with a California Queen sized episode from the West Coast.  Dad is once again joined by Janine Brito, Caitlin Gill and Kelly Young to ru-view possibly the BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON???  We gush over Seabiscuit or Sebisquie, reverse Gremlins, “hersky" queens and pumpkins full of Coke Zero.  Swaddle that walk!  (music:

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DAMMIT READERS!  Mad technical drama this week as Katie and Sharron recorded an episode only to have it disappear.  So the West Coast team of Dad, Janine, Caitlin and Kelly swooped in with an emergency episode…only to have one mic cut out.  WHY ARE WE CURSED AND WHO PLANTED THORGY’S JEWELRY ON US!?!?!  Apologies for sub-par audio quality and hard to hear voices, Readers.  Please forgive us, and listen as we discuss public RPDR viewings, Weekend at Blondies, high quality cheese, What Slays in Vegas and the Rulluminati.


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MORNING READERS! Our sleepy podcast has been kissed by a prince/princess (RuPaul) and awakened from it’s long between-season slumber!  While you’re getting ready for the premier tonight, listen to this special supplemental tailgate episode.  Dad and special guests Caitlin Gill, Kelly Young and Masi Thomason review all the Meet The Queen videos and the 11 minute snack of a Season 8 sneak peak Logo gave us.  Why do that?  TO GET PUMPED FOR WHAT LOOKS LIKE AN ACTUALLY GOOD SEASON!  GO BAYSIDE!


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We’re back bitches, and coming to you from sunny Los Angeles, CA.  The original @TSOIA_Podcast crew of Katie, Alex, Janine and Guy sit around the shade table and discuss the first episode of the new Season 4 RU-VEALED series.  We attempt to answer all the important questions: Have we forgotten enough about season 4 to make it enjoyable again?  Has Dad done any drag since last episode?  Is the great caftan renaissance upon us?  Take a trip back through the great fupa of time with us and ru-live the magic! (music:

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This week is a BIG and complicated episode for a big and complicated season.  The good news: KATYA IS MISS CONGENIALITY!  I mean, like it wasn’t gonna happen.  But with all the weird surprises of the season, it was still a reason for panic.  AND as long as we are on surprises, Alex has two for us this episode.  First, and worst: Dad is going out for cigarettes and never coming back.  That’s right, it’s with great sadness we announce that Alex is moving to LA and (for now) leaving the Shade Table.  Boo and double boo.  The second surprise comes in the form of a long overdue confession…but I won’t ruin this one.  Let’s just say Dad hasn’t been serving the realness for a long time.  Happy Season, Readers!  And in the immortal words of Katya, “OH MY GOD YOU FUCKING BITCH!” (music:

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It’s Ru-view time Readers we welcome very special guest Eliot Glazer (Broad City, Younger) to Countdown the Crown because SHE A GROWN ASS MAN!  Max, Katie and Sharron sit through clips of all our favorite queens from previous seasons, providing an unfortunate contrast to the talent level of this season.  Take a look back with us at Beyonce-level yeast infections, the great Boners Of Fame and Anna Wintour's “stupid fashion hands.”  And Readers, always remember: GINGER IS 29 YEARS OLD.  (music:

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With Katie and Sharron gone, It’s just between us Goys this week as Guy Branum joins Dad and Max at the shade table in this year of our Gawd 2015 A.K. (After Katya).  The boyz stay up past their bedtime to discuss the “Celebrity Duck Blind,” flowy units and the Spinning Bird Death Drop.  DISCLAIMER: We are not monsters.  We truly respect the sensitive emotional reveals in this RPDR episode.  We must shade, but we shade because we love.  (music:

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OUR BEAUTIFUL MOTHER RUSSIA @katya_zamo IS DEAD!  NYET!  NYET!  NYET!  NYET!  NYET!  Readers, how can we even go on?!?!  We might as well end it all!  Poor Max is gone for the worst disaster in Cold War history, but Katie, Sharron and Dad (with his purty purty nails) try to keep their heads up long enough to discuss Tibetan Vibration Deodorant, sperm stealers, Dance Mom mercy drownings, and retired basketball player turned sportscaster Santino Rice.  MR. RUPAUL, TEAR DOWN THIS VAGINAL WALL!   (music:

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BELIEVE in the gender binary this week Readers as we split “hers” over @RuPaulsDragRace Season 7 Episode 10. Joining us at the shade table is comedian Garry Hannon to help us Dance With The Talent, smoke with the cool kids and marvel at the Radio City Hall Luncheonettes. (music:

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Readers we have some dumdum and some fun dumb on this week’s episode as we run into He-Male Trouble with our guest the divine Marc Maietta.  Max, Katie, Alex and Sharron discuss alligator foam parties, Drone Rivers and get illuminaughty and illuminautical over Double Ru Double Ru.  Yaaaaaaaacht Queen!!!   (music:

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While Dad is trapped on a plane in Albany, NY and Max is performing comedy in outer space, Katie and Sharron double-team Episode 8 with the help of TSOIA president pro tempore Guy Branum.  We wrap our conjoined brains around the Cashews vs. Sashews vs. Ol’ Backstory trifecta, call to order the Drag Race Black Caucus, explain “420 Boobs” and drill baby drill for drag.   (music:

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We must have stepped in a big pile of fate because our big 41st episode coincides with THE SNATCH GAME!  And to sweeten the pot our guest this week is a real live drag queen: Daren J. Fleming AKA Ms. Grenadine Ross!  Things get 80% shady and 20% disgusting as Daren spills two tons of tea about the dearly departed Sahara Davenport and asks the age-old question,”Bitch, did you not download the packet?”  (music:

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This week Readers we dramatize and “morphasize” @rupaulsdragrace Season 7 Episode 6 (and our 40th episode!!!!).  Joining us is comedian Max Bernstein, plus we get podcrashed by our good friend Guy Branum as a bonus!  Both join us to discuss catnet fishsuits, radioactive chickens, “Barnum Bangers,” and our new series: Death Murder She Becomes Wrote Her.  Shant-Ho, you go!  (music:

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AWARDS?!? Readers, @RuPaulsDragRace is clearly just stealing our ideas now!  This week we are joined again by the socially media-y Shawn Hollenbach to present slabs of golden shade to Season 7 Episode 5.  The nominees this week are: Meat Pennies, Joan Born Of Rivers, Mathilda’s Dad, and Rosschelle Rossage. 


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OH THE HUMANITY, READERS!  Well, maybe not so much the “humanity” as the “Snake Person Vs. Doll Monster-y.”  Alex is out of town this week but while Dad’s away, the mice will sashay.  Max, Katie, Sharron and special guest Sue Funke hold hands and sob over the shock of the Episode 4 elimination, go dark and deep into Jessica Alba, ru-veal the secret-secret mini-min challenge, and out (our) Max backwards.  (music:

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Things get hairy (yeah I said it) this week as we welcome back special guest Mr. Guy Branum to clock Season 7 Episode 3 in Shadeambic Pentameter.  It’s beard vs. Bard as we soliloquy on mystery loafs, pelican attacks and the Shady Pines Nursing Home For Queens.  TO READ OR NOT TO READ!


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Wow Readers! Season 7 is already poppin off like a false eyelash on the business end of a leaf blower.  This week Sharron, Katie, Max and Alex welcome special guest Bowen Yang to discuss who gave the best mouth, why a butt-stuff renaissance is upon us, newfound respect for the Minj and guest judge Larson Lessley.


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GOOD GODAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!  Season 7 is officially on!  For this overstuffed first RPDR episode we said “game recognize game” with our own queen-sized episode and…A NEW CO-HOST!  Give a deep “SUP” to Sharron Paul readers.  She’ll be joining us at the shade-table to clock around the tuck all season.  Channel your inner Swamp Demon, black-out that ding-dong and C’MON RUSSIAN BUTTHOLE!  Season 7 HAS ARRIVED!


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And so Readers we come to the end of an era, to the close of a show and to the break of a new dawn.  This week we discuss Drag Queens of London episode 8, the final episode of the series.  Stories are concluded, new characters are inexplicably introduced, Rosie throws mud, and Alex and Max bond over a tiny misunderstanding surrounding the Holocaust.  Goodbye DQOL. We loved you.  Yes, even you, Lloyd.



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Hit the slopes with us Readers as we glide through Drag Queens Of London Episode 7.  It’s European Gay Ski Week and the drama is as thick as a mogul.  Katie, Max and Alex marvel at the mystery of a Lloyd Vs. Silver wig fight, try to find Katie a gay hubby, goof on American Andrew and peddle petticoats for boobs.  We also check in on the Drag Race season 7 trailer that FINALY dropped.


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We get completely legless this episode, Readers, as we EXPLODE Drag Queens of London Episode 6.  Max, Katie and Alex shag Bagga’s swagga, fake sax, lament doomed Guinea pigs and produce a new house music single right before your very ears.



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Oh long suffering Readers, we’re officially back from hiatus!  We know you’ve been breathlessly waiting by your old-time transistor radios for us to sashay back.  On this, our THIRTY-FIRST EPISODE (!) we return to Drag Queens of London with episode five. 
Katie, Max and Alex believe in the Rosie Beav, make clothes out of hickeys, put some stank on their Pierre and barely avoid Benjamin In The Butt disease.



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HELLO HELLO HELLO hunties!  We are BACK!  We did face Pilates to strengthen our side-eyes while we were on break and we got our shade on FLEEK!  In our first post-hiatus episode, Alex, Katie, Max and Janine break from Drag Queens of London and return to our one true love: RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE.  GOOD NEWS: It’s the Season 7 reveal!  BAD NEWS: we had to watch the NewNowNext awards to see it.  WORSE NEWS: This is Janine’s last episode, for reals this time, guys for real real.  :( :( :(  We send her off in style as we clock MRSA, quadriplegic queens, first crushes and DAFUQ else.

WARNING: episode contains gratuitous Rap Horn


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The Good News: Max, Katie and Alex have officially fallen in love with Drag Queens of London :)  The Bad News: We’re going on hiatus for a few weeks :(  Can we maintain a long-distance relationship with DQoL?  Will our love last?  Listen as we send our love to Rosie Beaver and consider an intervention for Lady Lloyd.  Hold tight dear Readers!  We’ll be back soon with Janine in tow!

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Join Alex, Max and Katie around the Shade Table for Drag Queens of London Episode 3.  This week is all about falling in love with Nick, but we do find time to solve Horse Mysteries, shame Sexist Jeopardy and beat our faces with curry.

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I know, I know, we have a lot of nerve returning to Drag Queens Of London after all that smack we talked.  But we did and we were pleasantly rewarded by a great second episode of the series.  Does that mean we stopped talking smack?  Of course not!  We still clock our favorite British queens and talk Courtney Love, Douglass Adams, hot coco and spill lots of Tea and Crumpets.

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Get out your sash and sequins readers!  This week Katie, Max and Alex discuss the 2008 documentary “Pageant.”  It’s an all out spectacle of unrequited love, attempted masculinity and strategically placed Mountain Dew.  We find out what “dolls” keep Victoria “Porkchop" Parker in the zone, who is the most graceful recipient of food in the face and what is the tiniest part of Katie.

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Oh the Dolls of it All!  This week we watched the trash classic Valley of the Dolls.  None of us had seen it before, and we’re still not sure if we’ve seen it now.  Max, Katie and Alex make a valiant, if not chronologically challenged, attempt to piece together the hazy plot.  In the end we were left us begging to get off this merry-go-round ASAP.

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This week we return to our Summer Tuckin’ series with the 2013 documentary “I Am Devine” about the life and times of legendary queen Divine…duh.  Alex, Janine and Katie also welcome our brand new co-host Max Wittert to the Shade Table!  We honor the memory of the great Harris Glenn Milstead by performing Edith Massey karaoke, slaying Drag Chimeras and choking out Max. - (music:

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And now dear readers we come to the true close of RPDR’s first season.  We employed the help of Anonymous and Assange to secure a copy of a long sought after relic, THE lost episode of the lost season: The Reunion!  And we go out in style by bathing in the dead-air realness of some truly raw reality show moments, touching our inner Jeff Goldblum and of course walking those children in nature…to get away from Tammie Brown.  - (music:

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All hail BeBe The First!  It's the crowning and Katie, Janine and Alex now know what pretty much everyone else does: BeBe won!  Hear us revel in her win, not call Rebecca a bitch even though we totally could call her a bitch, pronuciate all crappity and survive the end of the world.  Cowabunga loca! - (music:

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Loca, we’re only one episode away from crowning the first ever RPDR Next Drag Superstar and you know what the means Loca: CLIP SHOW!  Katie, Janine and Alex ru-view the season with RuPaul as our sherpa.  Along the way Loca we tune our ham radios, attend destination orgies and Loca the bright side of Loca, Loca.
(apologies for the uninvited cicada who crashed this episode)
- (music:

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This week is TSOIA Podcast Episode 20, the most beautiful episode that knows it’s beautiful because it is.  Katie, Janine and Alex cuchi-cuchi-cuchi through Season One Episode Six, say goodbye to Shannel and hello their very special guest: a cantaloupe.  - (music:

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IT’S THE FINAL MEOW MEOW!  Ok, maybe not, but it is the first MAKEOVER CHALLENGE in RPDR herstory!  The Glamazons overhaul the Amazons!  Katie endorses online erotic slashfic!  Janine drools over warrior princesses (princessi?)  Alex iPhone syncs FOR HIS LIFE!  Everyone strays way off topic!  It’s GLAMDAEMONIUM! - (music:

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Viva the glam of RPDR Season 1 Episode 4 as Katie, Janine and Alex gather round the Shade Table to praise Jade, marvel at The Most Quiet Room In The World, clock being a “Spiritual Person” and fear Gumby.    - (music:

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RPDR Season 1 Episode 3 is in our crosshairs this week as Katie, Janine and Alex examine Swamp Egyptians, debate the best Mexican tuck-aria and crinkle Skinny Cow ice cream wrappers in an attempt to court a new sponsor.   - (music:

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Alex, Janine and Katie continue to dig through the time capsule that is Season 1 (aka The Lost Season Ru-vealed!).  This week we read Episode Two, explore our childhood lip-sync roots, fear Tammie Brown and rage about appropriating pizza.   - (music:

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This week Readers we return to our RU-oots and embark on Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 1 (The Lost Season RU-vealed version).  Ahhhh it feels good to be back in the workroom…or a budget version of it.  Katie, Janine and Alex discuss the now infamous soft-focus camera effect, wooden grandmas and the power of Noodle Illusions.   - (music:

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Katie, Janine and Alex are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  So this week is a special BONUS EPISODE!  The first time we had Max Wittert on was for the RPDR Season 6 Countdown To The Crown.  We threw enough shade to fill a second episode, but some of it just wasn’t on topic enough for that week’s show.  So collected here are more random tangents than usual (if that’s possible) as we talk Moondust Menses, Stinking Roses and LOTS of Gia Gunn.  Enjoy!   - (music:

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Cheerio Readers!  This episode Max Wittert returns to the Shade Table for a romp in the shire as we tear apart the British television series Drag Queens of London.  We discuss Episode One, Icelandic drag names, one-ply toilet paper and the horror of the Northern Lights.   - (music:

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Oh dear readers…brace yourselves because this week’s Summer Tuckin entry is the infamous RuPaul movie: STARRBOOTY!  Sharron Paul joins us to talk Spice World, Ghostwriter, Denim, Diamonds and Dong. Basically ANYTHING BUT THE MOVIE!  Let’s just say you should be thankful we watched it for you.  - (music:

WARNING: this episode is very pun, penis and giggling heavy.

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This week continues our “Summer Tuckin’” series with one of the most important movies in the drag canon: the 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning.  Guest Christian Cintron returns to explore the heavy personal and political themes of the film with us, while still finding time to discuss the “Occupy Backrolls" movement, Dude Zumba and drop some mind-blowing post-filming secrets! - (music:

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This week we begin our “Summer Tuckin’: Reading is Supplemental” audio series.  Between RPDR seasons we’re clocking movies, shorts and shows in the “drag canon.”  First up is the 1994 import Pricilla, Queen of the Desert and joining us for our walkabout talkabout is Singer/Actor/Writer/Cabaretter Joan Estep.   - (music:

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IT’S THE BIG FINALE (and reunion)!!!  We’re back to our core trio of Janine, Katie and Alex this week to gently soothe you as you come down from your season-long high.  Meditate on Roy-Lady’s big win, DILF shorts, The Emergency Hanky Code System, and some Bianca Del Poetry.  - (music:

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This week we go off the rails with illustrator Max Wittert at the Shade Table to help us clown the Countdown to the Crown.  Things get weird as review-we-kinda-didn’t the episode, but we do slang some FroYo, “uncan" the XX-Men, and summer in Reggaeton, MA.  Tune in, dear Readers, won’t you?  - (music:

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This week our guest at the Shade Table is Shawn Hollenbach, former director of social media for Drag Race and current bestie of Katie.  We dish about the tic and the tac of the top three, learn German, do the ultimate death drop and drink hella #SHADERADE (WARNING FOR KATIE'S MOM: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS LOTS OF PENIS) - (music:

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In this DOUBLE QUEENSIZED episode Cole Escola and Guy Branum join us at the Shade Table to discuss Season 6 Episode 11, the sad end-ela of BenDeLa, pickles in the bible, and the Michael Vick of 1970’s fashion. - (music:

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EPISODE 5: THE LOST EPISODE PART 2 - Head back to the Ru-ture as we discuss Season 6 Episode 8, Icelandic Whisper Elves and worship the great googly.

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EPISODE 4: THE LOST EPISODE PART 1 - Head back to the Ru-ture as we discuss Season 6 Episode 7, go to Camp Camp and love us some Hatchetface.

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In this week’s QUEENSIZED episode: Christian Cintron joins Alex, Janine and Katie to discuss Season 6 Episode 10, Gelfling weddings, implied pantsuits and The Gape. Plus, we introduce our new segment: “Guynalysis” with West Coast corespondent Guy Branum! - (music:

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Alex, Katie and Janine FREAK THE FOX OUT over the chaos of Episode 9 and try to sort through the resulting rubble of Cher's aircraft carriers, questionable halloween costumes and #meatytucks.

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Katie, Alex and Janine throw some dumb love at Gia Gunn and debate the existence of high-fashion goat cherubs

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