The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

I know, I know, we have a lot of nerve returning to Drag Queens Of London after all that smack we talked.  But we did and we were pleasantly rewarded by a great second episode of the series.  Does that mean we stopped talking smack?  Of course not!  We still clock our favorite British queens and talk Courtney Love, Douglass Adams, hot coco and spill lots of Tea and Crumpets.

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Get out your sash and sequins readers!  This week Katie, Max and Alex discuss the 2008 documentary “Pageant.”  It’s an all out spectacle of unrequited love, attempted masculinity and strategically placed Mountain Dew.  We find out what “dolls” keep Victoria “Porkchop" Parker in the zone, who is the most graceful recipient of food in the face and what is the tiniest part of Katie.

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Oh the Dolls of it All!  This week we watched the trash classic Valley of the Dolls.  None of us had seen it before, and we’re still not sure if we’ve seen it now.  Max, Katie and Alex make a valiant, if not chronologically challenged, attempt to piece together the hazy plot.  In the end we were left us begging to get off this merry-go-round ASAP.

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This week we return to our Summer Tuckin’ series with the 2013 documentary “I Am Devine” about the life and times of legendary queen Divine…duh.  Alex, Janine and Katie also welcome our brand new co-host Max Wittert to the Shade Table!  We honor the memory of the great Harris Glenn Milstead by performing Edith Massey karaoke, slaying Drag Chimeras and choking out Max. - (music:

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And now dear readers we come to the true close of RPDR’s first season.  We employed the help of Anonymous and Assange to secure a copy of a long sought after relic, THE lost episode of the lost season: The Reunion!  And we go out in style by bathing in the dead-air realness of some truly raw reality show moments, touching our inner Jeff Goldblum and of course walking those children in nature…to get away from Tammie Brown.  - (music:

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