The Shade Of It All: A Rucast Podrace for RuPaul's Drag Race

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FACE!  We made it readers!  All Stars 2 is real, and it’s spectacular!  This episode we are back on the West Coast with Dad, Kelly and guests Masi Thomason and Todd Masterson. Don’t let our even tones deceive you, this was an exciting night for RPDR and hopes are high for a great season full of twists, puppets and MORE KATYA!  (music:

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Due to an excited lack of communication, the East Coast Shade Table and the West Coast Shade Table recorded All Star ramp-up episodes SIMULTANEOUSLY WITHOUT THE OTHER KNOWING IT!  But you win in the long run Readers as we present the West Coast episode only days after the East Coast one dropped.  Now you can get twice as excited about All Stars Twice.  Will there be overlap?  Will there be wildly contrasting viewpoints?  Will Alex, Caitlin, Kelly and special guest TODD MASTERSON wear caftans in spin class and reveal the ALASKA 5000 SCANDAL 2016?  Listen to find out!


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READERS, Sharron, Katie and Kyle gather at the Shade Table for a summer 'cast before Sharron and Katie go away JUST LIKE KYLE'S FATHER! CAUTION: Potential spoilers abound as we (well, Kyle) Nancy Drew our way through the All-Stars 2 trailer and discuss dick pics vs. ass shots, the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and Aubrey O'Day. (music:

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